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Seminar on Becoming witnesses of Christ in our quest for peace

         DSC01659A seminar on the current scenario was conducted at Auxilium Dum Dum on 27th April 2018 in the afternoon. It was animated by Fr.Sunny Jacob SJ and participated by 31 sisters from Kolkata zone. It was organized to bring awareness to the participants of the present ethnicity, ideology and patriarchy which create barriers in our education. Father Sunny began his session with the core issues of today’s situation. He said that our country is struggling against multiple injustices that stem from economic inequalities, Caste discrimination and cultural hegemony. He also gave the participants some strategies which are relevant for our educational system. Lastly he exhorted everyone to give Christ like response to the suffering world. In order to make a difference at the earliest, we should all join hands together, dive the problems from the root and work for peace and reconciliation, thus creating a loving and peaceful world.



 SEMINAR for Teaching Staff- St. Mary’s Geyzing

A seminar on “Exploring various methods of educating children was organized in St.Mary’s School, Geyzing on Thursday, 15th February 2018. The seminar was attended by all the teachers of the school, the Vice Principal and staff of Govt. Geyzing college and the teachers of Govt. Senior Secondary school, Geyzing .

Sr. Lucy John, Principal welcomed everyone and introduced the programme of the day. The seminar was chaired by Fr.Sunny Jacob S.J., the Secretary of Jesuit Educational Association of South Asia, a well known personality from New Delhi.

Fr.Sunny, in his introductory session focussed on the idea that ‘everyone in this world is same’. So, a teacher should never discriminate and make sure that every child is treated the same. Through activities, screening of video clips and discussions the following important points were  presented in a creative manner by Fr.Sunny.

  • The four areas of Education
  • Different types of leaning styles
  • Multiple intelligence theory
  • Qualities of a good teacher
  • Characteristics of adolescence .

He emphasized that a teacher should be accountable, adaptable, dedicated, caring, emphatic and passionate. He made them realise that the success of the students greatly depends on the hard work and dedication of the teacher.  Every child should be given the opportunity to develop himself/ herself fully.

The seminar was highly appreciated by everyone. Kudos to Fr.Sunny. We are grateful to the School Management for providing us with such wonderful programme as we commence the new scholastic year.

Ms.Shradha Subba






International Formation Encounter


 Roma (Italy). From October 1 to 20, 2017, the Generalate of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians is hosting the International Formation Encounter for and with the Novice Formators, on the theme: “To the Root of Perennial Vitality… The Constitutions, plan of life that forms and transforms”.

The encounter is animated by the Formation Sector and is aimed at searching for and sharing the ‘road’ to help the Novices know, vitally assume, and savor the Constitutions, Plan of Life that forms and transforms, directs and sustains the growth of the charismatic identity of the FMA.

The specific objectives proposed are: life an encounter experience that forms, transforms, and qualifies the ministry of discernment, accompaniment, and guidance in the formation journey of the Novices; qualify oneself to accompany the novices in understanding, in today’s context, the meaning of being united in community in the name of the Lord and sent for the young in the spirit of the da mihi animas; assume responsibility for self-formation in a process of ongoing formation to form self and to form to ‘docibilitas’; elaborate Forms that guide the transmission of the Constitutions to encourage, throughout the Institute, a unified and at the same time differentiated path, according to the socio-cultural context.


There are 26 participants coming from the five continents. The meeting-workshop is in continuity with the Formators Convention of April 2013, in which emerged the need to begin a process of reflection on how to transmit, to help to pass on the treasure of the charism with essentiality, depth, and with all its prophetic value to the young women of today so that it can be vitally assimilated. In 2015, the process began with the elaboration of Forms on the identity of the FMA (C 1-7). In 2016, in the second phase of the journey, forms were elaborated on the FMA Vocation beginning with the re-reading of Articles 8-35 of the Constitutions. The guiding theme in this context is: “United in community in the name of the Lord and sent for the young in the spirit of the ‘da mihi animas’, on the horizon of an on-going formation process with the re-reading of Articles 36-76 of the Constitutions”.

The encounter began with a time of prayerful celebration within which the participants, urged by the Word (Mt 13,31-32), were invited to perform a small gesture: plant seeds in vases full of soil that will grow in the course of the meeting and will bear fruit. Hopes and dreams were sown with the certainty that – as Mother Mazzarello says – if we cultivate them well, they will bear good and abundant fruit. This sign and gesture symbolically express the mission of the Formator in discerning and accompanying so that the seed will become a tree…”at the roots of a perennial vitality”

FMA 3.jpg

Sr. Nieves Reboso, Councilor for the Formation Sector, at the start of the encounter wished that: “It would be for each one an encounter with the Triune God who has confidence in each person, who draws forth the best of what we carry within us, and that He Himself has given us. That He would make us recognize both the greatness of the mission He entrusts to us and make us truly experience our littleness. That He make us always feel accompanied by His Word which encourages us and supports us: Do not fear…I am with you! May it be a powerful experience of communion to continue the journey of opening our heart wide to the action of the Spirit and to His mediations”.

There are various presentations with very rich content: The Horizon of Consecrated Life Today: United in community and sent for the young in the name of the Lord, (Fr. Rino Cozza CSJ); Anthropological-theological Aspect of Prayer (Fr. Jesús Manuel García SDB); Charismatic Aspect of Prayer (Sr. Piera Cavaglià, FMA); Fraternal Life in Community: Psycho-pedagogical Dynamics(Sr. Milena Stevani, FMA); Biblical-Theological-Charismatic Aspect of Fraternal Life (Sr. Linda Pocher, FMA and Sr. Piera Cavaglià, FMA); New Approaches for Initial Formation: the Novitiate – Heart and Center of Initial Formation (Facilitator: Sr. Rosemary Howarth SSND). This last experience saw the whole group participating in a meeting organized by UISG. It is a sign of the openness of the Institute to being inter-congregational, to sharing experiences for mutual learning. The themes proposed are the subject of study and reflection, dialogue and comparison, of research along with a workshop methodology for the elaboration of forms oriented to the vital assumption of the Constitutions by encouraging the Institute along a unified and enculturated path.

A much-desired moment was the meeting with the Mother General, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, who solicited by some questions, focused attention on the community dimension and the sense of belonging to the Institute, indispensable elements for genuine discernment and vocational accompaniment.

Halfway through the course, the participants lived a day in Assisi, an experience of deepening Franciscan spirituality, tracing moments of the life of Francis and Chiara, the places of their mission among the poor.

FMA (2).jpg

The work will continue in the coming days with the proposal of other thematic nuclei: The formation community (Fr. Beppe Roggia, SDB); The biblical-theological foundation of the mission (Fr. Rossano Sala SDB); Charismatic-pedagogical foundation of the mission (Sr. Piera Ruffinatto, FMA); The Formator in Action: Context, Conscience, and Identity; relationships, discernment and vocational experience (Fr. Juan Crespo, SDB). This phase is also marked by the alternation of moments of personal reflection, of confrontation with groups and assemblies, of spaces in which each has the opportunity to express ideas and points of view.

“At the root of perennial vitality, to the source of fidelity, to the Constitutions, to live today the ever-actual spirituality of our origins, with the same passion as Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello for the mission.




The FMA – PCI YOUTH MINISTRY MEET was held from 25-30 September 2017, at Auxilium Provincial House, Guwahati. The participants from our province were Sr. Rose Ezarath the Provincial, Sr. Clara Saminathan, National Coordinator School, Sr. Esther Rani Abraham Youth Ministry Coordinator, Sr. Gracy Parekattil, Young at Risk, and Sr. Rejina J. Adampakallel. There were 37 participants from the seven FMA Provinces of India including the Provincials. The resource persons were Sr. Runita G. Borja, the General Councilor Youth Ministry and  Sr. Lolia Annie Pfozhumai Neli from the younth ministry Sector, Rome. The theme of the meeting was “The Educational Mission of the FMA: A Journey towards Fullness of Life”.


During the inaugural ceremony all the participants were given a warm welcome by the Sisters, teachers and the students of St. Mary’s Hr. Secondary School. A beautiful and amazing band display by the students of St. Mary’s Hr. Secondary School, Maligoan made the spirit of participants more vibrant and enthusiastic.  The inaugural Eucharist was presided over by Emeritus Most Rev. Thomas Menamparampil SDB. During his inspiring homily he challenged and urged the participants to make the Word of God alive in our lives and asked to motivate the young and transform them so that they in turn could influence their peer groups. He also invited the assembly to be highly charged batteries in order to guide the young people and creatively respond to their needs.

 The objectives of this meeting were the following:

  • To promote and strengthen co-responsibility in pastoral animation
  • To strengthen the sense of belonging and a common understanding by sharing the same vision as Provincial Coordinators of Youth Ministry and persons with key role in the pastoral animation of the Province
  • To clarify the identity and role of the Provincial Coordinator of Youth Ministry, especially in the coordination of works, presences, institutions and other initiatives of youth ministry


 Sr. Runita Borja, helped the participants to arrive at the above objectives through their every day inputs sessions based on the topics “called to realize a project of Christian education according to the Preventive System”, “The Oratorian heart, identity of our educational mission”, “The Educating Community for a Holistic Education”, “The vocational dimension of the educational mission”. Last day she dealt on the theme “With young people, missionaries of hope of joy.”


Sr. Rose Ezarth, President of the FMA PCI presented the organogram of FMA- PCI. It’s nature, scope, aim, objectives and the structure of organization. She also presented its workings from its inception. All present were happy to learn of its rich history. The National Coordinators for Education and Youth Pastoral, and the Provincial Youth Ministry Coordinators then presented their annual reports, the Organizational chart, the different institutions and activities present in the provinces with statistics.

Youth  Pastoral.jpg

The meeting came to an end with these words of Sr. Runita saying “In a world that is greatly in need of joy and hope, may our lives and our educational mission be bearers of a good news that has a name and a face:  Jesus Christ”.




1. Seminar.JPG

A seminar was conducted for the teachers of Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum on the 6th September, 2017. The resource person was Sr. Teresa Joseph FMA, a well known figure in the educational circle. Sr. Teresa is currently the Secretary of the CBCI and has a number of degrees to her credit but what appealed to the teachers the most was her ability to relate to them by her practical approach and realistic take on things pertaining to the classroom and the family. Without resorting to elaborate definitions and scientific theories she was able to focus on vital issues that relate to the teaching learning process.

2. Seminar.JPG

Sr. Teresa emphasized on the need for teachers to be good learners because as quoted by her ‘To teach is to learn twice over’. Sister’s effervescent spirit was infections and her insights on peer pressure and the ability to accept failure were very valuable. The teachers were given a lot of time to interact in groups thereby furthering the spirit of fellowship. In the post lunch session sister focussed on the family as a unit that fosters love. She added that the family required to reinforce the values imparted at school. In a nutshell by constantly citing examples from the life that lay people live, Sister was able to create a comfortable atmosphere one that is conducive for real learning.




                                              “THINKING SCHOOL ACADEMY” was organized by Sr. Molly Elizabeth Kaniampadi(ING) National delegate of the Youth Pastoral. The venue of the workshop was in DBI Gwahati from 17 – 19    August. The resource person for this workshop was Dr. David Paige from USA .There were 25 participants from three Provinces of Shillong , Guwahati and Kolkata. The day began with the prayer invoking the Holy Spirit. Sr. Molly the  national delegate for youth pastoral welcomed the resource person  and Sr. Elizabeth George , the Provincial of Guwahati,  in a traditional way offering them gamucha. Then Sr. Provincial gave a cordial welcome to all the participants.


The workshop was conducted on different topics  such as Skills and competencies for 21st century learner, Seven big pillars (Language, Higher Order Thinking, Collaborative Learning, Reading, Vocabulary, Assessment). On the last day the participants went to St. Mary’s School Guwahati for the teaching practice. The workshop ended by expressing gratitude to the resource person, Sr.  Molly the coordinator and all the participants.


      Seminar on ‘Initial Proclamation’

Missionary Animation and Formation Seminar on “Initial Proclamation and the Salesian Mission” was held  from  14 – 20 August 2017 at Sam Phran – Thailand.


There were 80 participants consists of SDB Brothers and Priests, FMA Sisters with few of Lay Mission partners coming from 16 countries of Asia and Oceania: Hong Kong – China, Japan, Indonesia, Timor Leste, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Myanmar and Russia.  There were 7 FMAs and 17 Salesians from all the provinces of India,.


The meeting was a joint venture of SDB-FMA General Councillors for the Missions: Fr. Guillermo Basanes, Sr. Alaide Deretti and their sector members: Fr. MC George, Sr. Blanca Sanchez. Sr. Maria Assunta Inoue, Fr. Maria Arokiam Kanaga and Fr. Vaclav Klement too were present for the seminar. Among the special speakers of the seminar was Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil, SDB from India.

Indian Province - Thailand.jpg

Every day the Seminar was characterized by Lectio divina by Sr. Mario Ko, FMA. Main input was prepared by Fr. Alfred Maravilla (Provincial PGS). Each day there was ample time for group work (seven groups according the languages).  The following topics were dwelt: ‘Remembrance of the past journey’ by D. Alfred Maravilla, which helped the participants to deepen the theme “Initial Proclamation and Salesian Mission Today”;   ‘Listening to the Word’ by  Archbishop Thomas Menamparambil, during which he shared his personal experience of an Initial Proclamation in North East India;   ‘Listening to the Charism’ by Sr. Teresa Joseph FMA from Mumbai province interpreted ‘Don Bosco’s  letter  from  Rome of 1884 in the light of Initial Proclamation. with Sr. AlaideOn the 4th day, a  workshop was held in seven groups on ‘Sharing the Mission’. On the 5th day, a meeting was held according to the provinces to take the action plan for their respective province. The last day’s topic was ‘Reviewing the practices’- The day was dedicated for a separate meeting of the Salesians and FMAs. During the FMA’s encounter, Sr. Alaide Deretti helped the participants to relive the missionary passion dawn through the memory lane of the first missionaries of America to the call of GCXXIII “Broaden your vision with the young missionaries of hope and joy”. This seminar has been a moment of strong pastoral formation for the initial proclamation.

Sr. Nirmala Tigga