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Gratitude day at Holy Child Auxilium R. K. Puram New Delhi


On 23rd September 2017, Holy Child Auxilium R. K. Puram New Delhi, celebrated the gratitude day. The day began with the welcome speech by the school captain, followed by a solemn prayer moment.  The students expressed their love and gratitude to Sisters by offering  bouquets of flowers and  gifts.

Starting from the tiny tots  up  to Class V, presented a variety of colourful programmes, highlighting the beautiful virtue of love and appreciation for one another.  The celebration  ended with a  prayer dance seeking Mother Mary’s blessings upon all of us. Sister Superior Sr. Teresa P., thanked the children and blessed them   with her inspiring words. She praised the teachers and encouraged the efforts of all children. This joyful day came to an end  with the distribution of sweets.

Mrs. Josphine.


GRATITUDE DAY celebration


IMG_20170825_104050Auxilium Convent Kalyani School celebrated gratitude day 2017 with a difference this time. Aware of the present scenario of the happenings in our country we decided to have a program focusing on national integration, brotherhood, peace and togetherness. Except for the Pre-Primary, classes I-IV Mere Desh Mera Mulk, We shall overcome; Yeh witan tere Liye, Bharat Humko Jaan se Pyara Hai; Desh Rangole and Bharat Amar. These enabled us to bring an awareness of the need to live together in peace and harmony and brotherhood. Undoubtedly the little ones in their colorful attire, exuberantly and joyfully portrayed their talents in action song, and dance to the wrapping music of Nursery Rhymes.


They offered little bouquets and gifts to Sr. Rosina, the animator with joy and gratitude. Sr. Rosina reciprocated all these greetings, expressing her gratitude to the children and staff thanked them and encouraged them to continue to live as one family in joy and love. The day ended with sentiments of love and gratitude for each other as each is a special gift of the Lord to the community.




DSC05663.JPGIt was a joyous day for the children of Auxilium Convent School, Najafgarh to have an unusual day – a twin celebration on 5th September Gratitude Day and Teachers Day. The hands moved and colours of various types in shapes and arts displayed on cards with the names of sisters and teachers. Children gathered in the little hall which was decked for the day and there went student representative, a teacher , Sr. Alma and Sr. Elizabeth Joseph from Auxilium School to Auxilium Convent to escort  Sr. Superior to the day’s function.


Introductory talk stressing the importance of the day was given by the senior class and the best items which would be performed with maximum love and care were done by the whole school. The entertainment programme came to an end by the singing of the National Anthem after which Sr. Lucy the animator distributed the sweets to everyone. This event will be one of the fix deposits in their memory bank.



On 4th August 2017 was a great day for the students of Holy Child Auxilium Vasant Vihar as they celebrated Gratitude Day cum Foundation Day. With bouquets, planters, cards and meaningful stage performance, they highlighted and appreciated the Salesian style of value system and loving accompaniment experienced through the instrumentality of the Sisters. It was an opportune moment whereby they could express aloud for receiving the best education possible, all the opportunities, guidance and overall development at HCA.

Pic 1 VV

The programme came to an end with words of appreciation and encouragement from Sr. Maria, Superior. She encouraged the students quoting from the letter of Mother Mazzarello, “My dearest girls, always go willingly to the Sisters, tell them to teach you to love God and help you to learn your duties as good citizens. Always avoid bad companions and always go with good ones.” The Sisters blessed them to live always in the presence of God.





On 28 July, 2017, Auxilium School, Barasat celebrated the Gratitude Day. This day helped us to remember the importance of all those persons in our life and to say ‘Thank You’. The event began at 8:30 a.m. in our auditorium. It began with a welcome speech followed by the garlanding of the potrait and lighting of the lamp. The Sisters were presented with cards and bouquets as a token of love from us followed by prayer dance, a power – point presentation, a group dance and a group song.

gratitude day 2017 1

One Act Play was organised by Literary Club. The four houses with one another – the topic being “Family” starting with Green and Yellow and ending with Blue and Red. Then there was a video on One – Act Play, an orchestra by Auxi – Beaters and a western dance by Auxi – Groovers, and a video on Papparazi. The program ended with the golden words of our dear Sister Superior.

Anwesha Biswas

Class X ‘A’




On 29 April 2017, Auxilium Convent School New Chumta celebrated the Gratitude day. The festal celebration started at 10.00a.m. by invoking God through the lighting of the candles by Class X.  Then the cultural program began with a lovely prayer dance of class VIII after which Priya Munda from class X read the address and presented a beautiful card to Sr. Superior along with a bouquet from the students of each class from Nursery to class X.


All the children of every class displayed their talents in different forms like arts, music, songs, dances, poem, skits, and action songs to express their thankfulness and love. In her message, Sr. Superior appreciated their love shown in different ways and thanked them all. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by Sima singh from class X.

Reported by Ms. Sonam Rai



 Gratitude Day  held at Auxilium Kalyani


On 23 August 2016, the students and staff of Auxilium Kalyani expressed their gratitude through a welcome address, songs, rhymes, dances and skits to make this day a joyful and thankful one for Sr. Rosina Thomas, our animator whose name feast occurs this day. It was the glittering stars and angels of the Pre Nursery and Nursery, the Brown girls in the ring, the beautiful flowers that blossoms in the garden are loved by everyone by the students of Class 1 and 2 “aamra gacher choto choto ful , “ hare re  re “ by the girls alone. They also expressed their love for our Mother land India through a dance describing its beauty. God Almighty Father watches over us with love. So the students expressed this in an action song Anondo Lokhe with burning lamps. The   class 3 and 4 students performed their rhythmic steps to the song: dola re dola.   Sr. Rosina expressed her love and gratitude for the beautiful program set up by the sisters, staff and students, encouraging them to utilize their talents and gifts for the good and happiness of others. She also thanked them for the gift of 2 sound boxes and a microphone presented to the school which will be set up in the school hall. Nothing ends best without the distribution of sweets to the children as they left the school premises. Thereafter the staff was ushered to our residence to share snacks and tea as they offered their gift for the community and expressed their love and gratitude too

love & gratitude.jpg