Annual Retreat

The Annual retreat was held at Sacred Heart Novitiate, Namkum – Ranchi from17th – 24th May 2017.  There were 26 participants from three Provinces (ING, INS and INC), and it was preached  Fr. Deepak Toppo S J. The theme of the retreat was  “to know Him more intimately, to love Him more ardently and to follow Him more closely”. On  17th May 2017, Sr. Philomena Prabalanathan initiated the retreat by an introductory talk. She exhorted us to renew our motivation and determination according to the Gospel values, and to live the mystery of our call.


Fr. Deepak invited us to be aware of the purpose of our lives, to experience the longing in our hearts for God which is the only aim and fulfillment of our lives, to touch His presence in creation and to experience the freedom. Fr. Deepak helped us to be aware of the love of Christ through reflection on the passion of our Lord, in a practical way which is related to daily events of life. He further took us to the new life in the Risen Lord, for without suffering there is no resurrection. His invitation for each of us is to go beyond like Mary Magdalene, never to give up like the disciples of Emmaus, to listen, Experience, share, praise and express Faith in Solidarity with the community.




On 23rd May, 2017 at 8.30pm, we the two postulants, Priyanka Toppo and Joslin Xalxo were initiated into novitiate, one more step further in religious life. It was preceded by 8 days of retreat preached by Fr. Deepak Toppo S.J. In her talk, Sr. Provincial, Sr. Rose Ezarath, exhorted us to be strong in our vocational journey, by allowing God to work in us, as a potter does with the clay and also to be like a handkerchief in the hands of our formators. We received the novice’s medals from her hands. Then she accepted and welcomed us in the Institute by garlanding us. We as a sigh of our gratitude, to the Almighty, offered a lighted lamp symbolizing our offering to the Lord. We look forward to your prayers for us as go ahead in our vocational Journey.

 Priyanka Toppo and Joslin Xalxo


Perpetual Profession


On 24th May 2017 at 9.30 am Sr. Lourdu Prema Francis, Sr. Sandhya Sudha Minj and Sr. Sosan  Alma Minj said  their total ‘Yes’ to the Lord by saying that their happiness lies in Him alone. Rt. Rev. Telesphore Toppo presided over the Holy Eucharist at Mazzarello Convent, Ranchi. He reminded us saying that many are called but few are chosen so we are among the chosen ones. The joy of our three sisters knew no bound as they said, “Here I am Lord receive me…” and received their crown for their faithfulness and courage. In their joy they also sang their magnificat to show their gratitude to the Lord. After the Mass a short felicitation and lunch followed. The day came to an end with a feeling of contentment in the hearts and mind of all present to witness this great event.




First Profession


On 24th  May 2017, there was an air of  joy at Mazzarello Convent Ranchi, as Binita Bara, our 2nd year novice  took a courageous step to say her “YES” to God as she heard Him say, “I have called you by name you are mine” . At 6.30am, Rev. Fr. Shilanand Kerketta presided over the Holy Eucharist. During his homily he stressed on giving our ‘total yes’ to God even in the moments of difficulties that we face in our life. We need to be faithful to Him in every moment of our life.


It was a great moment for Sr. Binita Bara and her family members as they have offered their three daughters for the service of the Lord in the Institute of the Daughters of Mary help of Christians.




A step nearer to God in fidelity – Renewal


On 23rd May 2017, 13 vibrant junior Sisters renewed their vows to Lord at Mazzarello Convent Ranchi. The preparation began with eight days of retreat, with the theme: “To know Christ more intimately, to love more ardently and to follow more closely”. The day was kept aside for prayer and Eucharistic adoration. The holy Eucharistic celebration which was the climax of the day was presided over by Fr.Deepak Toppo S.J and the con-celebrant was Fr.Raja.

The reading of the day was based on the call of Abraham. During the homily Fr.Deepak exhorted that every life is a call. Few are chosen for a specific purpose that is to fulfil the mission of the Lord and others are for different professions. When the call of God is well lived with total fidelity and commitment then the religious life become more meaningful. The most awaited incredible day ended with felicitation and best wishes.

Sr.Pranati Manjari Sabhasundar


News from Auxilium Kalyani


10 May:  A Blessing –  The beautiful practice of praying the daily rosary during the month of May in each Christian family is till today observed in Kalyani,  to draw down blessings on the family. Today at 5 p.m. we had 25 mothers of the parish and a few children along with our boarders and sisters to pray the rosary in our chapel with fervor and devotion, singing hymns to our Blessed Mother and offering intentions for the sisters and the needs of the world at large. After the Scripture reading there was a short reflection on it. At the end of the rosary Sr. Mary Sarkar enlightened them on the special significance of this month of May, for us Salesian sisters, especially the feast of St. Mary Mazzarello, our Co-foundress and that of 24th May, why we are called daughters of Mary Help of Christians. They left home taking Mary with them after a light snack and a cool drink. For as the hymn goes “Be with us Mary along the way, guide every step we take”.


12 May: Feast day celebration Mother Mazzarello in the school – It was a joyous and happy moment for our dear children and teachers to remember Mother Mazzarello and celebrate her feast. Mrs. Anita Gomes, at the start briefed them on the life of Mother Mazzarello with special emphasis and examples, on her hard work, working only for God’s glory, her prayer life, her obedience to God’s will and her great charity towards all. A dance in rhythmic steps paying homage to Mother Mazzarello drew everyone’s attention in joy and awe. “We clap pour hand and shout aloud” was then a song sang proudly to Mother Mazzarello by the students of Classes 2 and 3. This was followed by the Story Telling Competition in English by students of class 3 to make this day a specially celebrated. The short program concluded with a Bengali song to Mother Mazzarello. Sweets were distributed for all as they left for their summer vacation wishing all a Happy Holiday!


 13 May: Feast day celebration Mother Mazzarello – Today’s feast took us to two focal points celebrating it as a family; namely the Eucharist and the Agape. At 11.00 am we had the solemn Eucharistic celebration concelebrated by Fathers Saroj Mullick sdb, the rector of Don Bosco, as chief celebrant along with Fr. Peter Gomes sdb. Fr. Saroj, in his brief homily connected the Word of God to the life of Mother Mazzarello            “I am the way, the truth and the Life, whoever has seen me has seen the Father”. He laid stress on the laborious life, her charity, obedience, poverty and she being a simple rustic woman, involved life with contemplation and action. Present with us for this feast were 2 SMI sisters, 2 MC Brothers, and the 4 sdb fathers  who joined in the agape along with the boarders, all the workers and their children.