Visit of  Sr. Vilma Tallone at Auxilium Convent New Chumta

IMG_0045.JPGAuxilium Convent New Chumta had a joy of receiving Sr. Vilma Tallone the Economer General of the Institute of the daughters of Mary Help of Christians on 5th October 2017. She was given a traditional Adivasi welcome by the Mahilas of the Parish. Sr. Vilma Tallone was led to the chapel by the sisters of the community to thank the Lord for her presence


On the following day, from the five communities of North Bengal zone Sikkim, Mirik, Kurseong, Jaigaon and New Chumta had full day program animated by Sr. Vilma Tallone on the theme “To rethink the Economy in Fidelity to the Charism”.  She quoted the message of Pope Francis to the Superior Generals and the Economer Generals of the Religious Congregations. In her presentation she highlighted the following points:  Charism to be developed in creative fidelity, as the Church reminds us continually (cf. John Paul II, Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on Consecrated Life, 37); The person at the center of economy and not money, money must serve and not govern (EG 57); pinpointed the tasks of the leader and some principles for a healthy accompaniment/discernment of the reality. She exhorted the sisters to have an evangelical discernment and the future of the Institute at heart. All the 15 participants were enriched by the input session. At the end sisters expressed their gratitude to her through a song and she in turn gifted of the medal of Our Lady of Mary Help of Christians.







Visit of  Sr. Vilma Tallone  – Auxilium Bandel


Sr. Vilma TalloneOn 02 October 2017, the community of Auxilium Bandel, welcomed Sr. Vilma Tallone the Economer General and Sr.Alessandra Smerilli with a traditional welcome and a song. Then they were led them to the Chapel to praise and thank God for their presence in our midst. They visited the Basilica of Happy voyage and participated in the Sunday Mass. It was followed by a fellowship meal, a sign of union of hearts and minds. Sr. Vilma during her interaction with the sisters shared her experiences of visiting different countries. She exhorted the sisters to have one spirit, to care for one another, to involve the laity in our mission and to work hard for vocations. She also took the opportunity to visit the house and the school. She appreciated the community for the good maintenance of the house and the mission carried out for the young people.

Visit of Sr. Vilma





Wow its three days camp,

Among many to be the champ.

It started on the 27th September,

And ended on 29th September.

Bosco Milan

Many young hurried to Hatia,

To be a part of this event.

From twelve places they had come,

To eye witness, this event.


Boys and girls of all stature came together,

To mark this gathering as a memorable one.

Though there were many unwanted surprises,

Yet the Milan was a great success.


27th at 11am was the Inauguration.

Hemant Soreng the former chief minster declared the Bosco Milan open.

This was followed by the lunch then as we hurried to the ground to March,

There was the shower that came marching after us to put all upside down.


There was a moment of boredom,

But soon it was changed into an exciting moment with the quiz time.

This gave a start for the eve warm up and sports session,

Then at mid night all retried to bed expecting for many surprises.


28th brought a lot of things those were amazing,

Beginning, with the Agape.

The day’s chief guest gave a speech so harmonizing,

Making the afternoons dance competition so interesting.


As we kept in mind the motto of Don Bosco

“Run, jump and play but commit no sin”,

After tea we proceeded with the sports,

Everyone played with the vigor of an athlete.


It was then six in the evening,

All were tired with the sporting.

Then came the climax of the day’s program

when the priests were seated all over the ground,

To portray Jesus, as a forgiving father in reconciliation.


All experienced the Lord forgiveness,

So we went to have supper with a light heart.

Eagerly awaiting the night’s camp fire,

With it came the memorable midnight.


29th being the end of the Milan,

Meeting the Lord in the Eucharist was the first thing,

Then came the most awaiting time the prize distribution,

All did well but few excelled, yet they were all so serene being.


After lunch we all departed with the rhythm of the Milan,

Thanks to the Almighty for his bountiful blessing.

Also we turn our grateful gaze towards our SDB confreres of Delhi,

Who organized it so well for the welfare of the young.


All was well

We wish it comes again and again.











Visit of Sr. Vilma Tallone and Sr. Alessandra Smerelli


On 3rd October 2017 was a very exciting and memorable day for the inmates of Auxilium Barasat.  The community with the DB Tech students rendered a warm  welcome to    Sr. Vilma Tallone the Economer General  and Sr. Alessandra Smerelli a professor of  Economics  from Rome who teaches at Auxilium at 1.30 p.m. The Provincial Sr. Rose Ezarath and the Provincial Economer Sr. Annie Thevarkunnel had accompanied them.  They were welcomed with garlands and the traditional Bengali stole at the entrance of the house.  Then they were led to the entrance of the chapel where both of them lit the natural lamp  made of  Banana stem and papaya halves   recalling the invitation of the Laduato si.  In the chapel while a hymn was intoned they placed the floating candles in the tray with rose petals  placed in a beautiful  Rangoli made of flowers and leaves to commemorate eco spirituality .  A short prayer was recited by Sr. Stella thanking God for their visit that has rejuvenated our spirit.


After a short break they proceeded to the Mazzarello hall to witness the short cultural programme put up by the DB Tech students.  In her speech she highly appreciated this work which is relevant and appropriate for the times and asked to do it well.  She also said that Don Bosco’s work was to provide job opportunities for the unemployed young in the streets.  She also stressed on forming themselves into good human beings which is the speciality of Salesian charism.




 On Saturday 16th September 2017, Holy Child Auxilium, R.K. Puram School bid a tearful  farewell to two of our teachers Mrs. Reena Victor and  Mrs. Helen Lobo. The day started with a prayer service followed by a beautiful cultural programme prepared by the students and the staff to show their love and gratitude for their generous and dedicated service to the Institution during the past years. The programme ended with a meaningful prayer asking God to bless them abundantly as they begin a new chapter in their life.




Diocesan Synod Calcutta 2017


The great historical event of Diocesan Synod Calcutta the first of its kind to happen in the annals of Archdiocese commenced with the inaugural Eucharistic celebration on 27th September at 07.00 a.m. The Mass was celebrated in four languages: English, Bengali, Hindi and Santali representing the diversity of Archdiocese.  With the Easter candle lit on the altar representing risen Christ, the delegates  brought in procession , ‘The decree of the Synod convocation’ and the 12  meticulously drafted  documents on the concerns after long and deep study by the commissions of the Archdiocese, and the book of the Gospels.

The Archbishop  Thomas D’Souza the visionary and the prime architect of the synod in his homily stated that  the  objective is to respond to the exigent needs of the poor in our state and not to ‘look away’ and be indifferent  but to respond in love.  After the profession of faith the synod members took the solemn oath of fidelity to the church and after communion the members invoked  the synodal prayer with great fervour.


First session commenced with welcome words rendered by the Prolocutor Fr. Gregory Montero. On the onset  Archbishop  Thomas D’souza and Vicar General Fr. Dominic Gomes Came in procession with the heads of the   ten commissions while the synod members intoned with great gusto the Synod Anthem in English led by Sr. Anita Braganza and Ms Bemvinda.  Archbishop Thomas D’Souza , Fr. Dominic  Gomes and the secretaries of the synod Ms. Bemvinda Pereira and Ms. Anancia Fernandes  were invited to the Dais. Archbishop delivered his presidential address with the opening words quoting Pope John XXIII  that it is time to open the windows and doors to let the Holy spirit to enter to have the same Pentecostal experience felt at Vatican II.  He said that this is also in consonance with promulgation of CCBI in 2013 to have diocesan pastoral plans for the church to be a believing, praying, serving and proclaiming community. The preparatory works of the synod was efficiently carried out by evolving the parish pastoral plans by 2013 and preparing the  booklets on the 12 concerns of the diocese by the 12 commissions.  Now it is the task of the synod to prepare and validate the pastoral plan for the diocese.


After this The prolocutor invited the heads of the commission Christian life Fr. Dominic Gomes, Ecumenism and Inter religious Dialogue  Fr. Timir Singha Sj,  Education Fr. Joy Cyprian, and evangelisation  Fr. Anthony Rodricks to introduce their relevant concerns.  After Ms . Janice announced the moderators, reporters and members names of the ten groups of which 8 would discuss in English and two in Bengali went to the allotted spaces for deep discussion on the questions prepared on the concern.  The General assembly at 3 p.m. was chaired by his Grace Archbishop Thomas D’souza. The two moderators of the concerns Christian life and Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue presented the recordings of the proposals deliberated in the groups. After each groupsdepiction, Archbishop opened the house for clarifications and suggestions. At the 5-7p.m. session the findings and proposals on the concern Evangelizationwere presented by Fr. Franklin Menezes and Fr. Soosai Manikam and Concern Education was presented by Fr. Cyprian Joy D’souza.  The suggestions and clarifications which were many were discussed and accepted and recorded by the secretaries.  The Arch bishop thanked everyone and all proceeded to the Morning star chapel for the evening prayer.  The day came to its close on a happy note with the cultural programme of the formees from the neighbouring formation houses.

The second day 28th September was ushered in with the Morning prayer and Eucharistic celebration at 7 a.m. in Bengali presided over by Fr. Sudhir Tudu, the dean of Midnapur deanery.  The session at 9.15  a.m. started with an action song ‘Walk walk in the light’ lead by the prolocutor Fr. Gregory .  The Arch Bishop led the community in prayer on the Gospel passage Mathew 7.7-11.  The Chroniclers Sr. Sabrina IBVM and Fr. Jyoti SJ decoded the recordings of the previous day both in English and Bengali.  As there was dearth of time the voting on the four concerns discussed on the previous day were postponed and Fr. Gregory invited the moderators to introduce the issues on Environment and social justice by Fr. Fraklin Menezes, Family by Fr. Soosai Manikam, Health care by Dr.Shipra Goswami, Laity by Mr. Alexander Anthony.  After the voting on the previous concerns the members proceeded to venues for group discussion. At 3 p.m. session Sr. Anita Braganza moderator for the concern Environment and Social justice and Fr. Soosai Manikam interpreted the proposals and action plans for the family and they were put to vote.  At 5 p.m. the moderators  Dr. Shipra Goswami and Mr. Alexander Anthony  for the two concerns   Heath care and Laity recounted  the proposals and  they were put to vote.  In the evening instead of the evening prayer rosary was animated by Sr. Meena Tirkey in the chapel.   After supper the Kolkata choir of Mr.Dilip Rozario Troupe entertained the members of the synod.


The 3rd day was initiated with an hour of adoration from 6 a.m.- 7 a.m.    The main celebrant of the Holy Eucharist was Fr. Orson Wells the dean of Howrah Hooghly deanery.  The 9 a.m session began with the action song led by the group of young volunteers of the synod and prayer led by Archbishop  on the feast of the day the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.  Sr. Sabrina IBVM and Fr. Jyoti updated the assembly on the previous days proceedings. After synod anthem  introductions on the days concerns SCC , Social communications, Women and youth were presented  by commission heads Fr. Dominic Gomes, Mr Farrell Shah, Ms Sandhya and Fr. Michael Biswas and the groups proceeded to discuss.  At 3 p.m.  and 4.45 sessions  schemes for discussed concerns youth, women, Small Christian communities  and social  communication were acquainted by  Mr. Paul Jacob, Ms.Sandhya Vincent, Mr. Dominic Azarvado and Mr. Farrell Shaw respectively.   At 6.00 p.m. orchestra, the choir of Picnic Garden parish took synod members to musical domain and kept them glued to their  chair with their elevating and entrancing singing.  In the Solemn Scroll ceremony at 9 p.m,  the secretaries of the synod and secretaries of the recordings of the day handed over  to the Archbishop reports of the synod and the fruits of the deliberations  and Arch bishop presented the deliberations to each secretaries of the 12 commissions recommending them to implement them diligently and responsibly. The ceremony came to a close with the song of dedication, ‘Here I am Lord”.  The fourth day was remarkable with the interactive session, the 3rddays updates, elaborate vote of thanks by Fr. Dominic Gomes and solemn Closing Eucharistic Celebration by Archbishop Thomas D’souza.  The maiden  Kolkata Archdiocese Synod was momentous with the  synergy emerged from the whole hearted and harmonious working of the Archbishop, the priests, religious , laity and vibrant young team of volunteers.

Reported by Sr. Stella P.