Celebrating the first world day of the poor at  Nirmala Niketan, Jaigaon


On November 19, the community invited the parents, brothers and sisters of our ortorians to celebrate the day of the poor. All the workers were invited to give a helping hand to cook and distribute the food. The children came along with their parents by two in the afternoon.


Sr. Alma Bilung from Barasat in charge of KSSDS was also present during this event with Sr. Deepa  Minj and Sr. Binita Bara from Auxilium New Chumta. The children entertained their parents with dances and action songs which they learn in the evening school. After their short program, all the children were given a packet with two kilos of rice and two kilos of atta with a packet of two minutes noodles. They were so surprised and their joy knew no bounds. After the meal they thanked everyone and left the ground with a note of appreciation and contentment.  We too enjoyed to be with them and to see their happiness.



MISSION AD\INTEER GENTES MEET was held in Maria Nivas,  Nandigama-Vijayawada from 18th – 20 November 2017. It was  organized by Sr. Bala   Savarimuthu the National  coordinator for Mission ad gentes. The    resource person  was Rev. Fr. T.C. George SDB from the Province of Banglore. Sr. Kanta Tirkey and Sr. Ashalata Kerketta took part in this event.


The first day began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided over by Rev. Fr. T.C. George sdb. In his Homily, he gave a meaningful explanation of day’s theme “Stay with us Lord”, recommending each one of us to pray, and   ask Jesus to stay with us on our Journey.

The Inaugural session was well planned, organized and executed by the organizers. The participants were escorted by  the School children, with their rhythmic band-set. The celebration began with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries of the day.

The Key note address was given  by Sr. Bala Savarimuthul, the National Coordinator for Mission Ad gentes. Being a native of Andhra Pradesh, she   gave a short and meaningful explanation of the heritage, the culture, customs the statistical data and the richness of the  state with  a  great pride, stated  that   Andhra Pradesh  is commonly known as “RICE BOWL OF INDIA”.


The message of Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose, the visiting councilor was read  by Sr. Shirley of INK Province. It was focused on Personal transformation. Finally Rev. Sr. Bridget Jacob, the provincial councilor and In-charge of Province   Youth Pastoral Ministry,  highlighted  the fact that each one of us is  called to “become a saint”  following the foot-steps of our  patron saint St. Teresa of Child Jesus to be passionate for Jesus, cost what it may.

 Rev. Fr. T. C. George gave a meaningful session   on the Chapter theme “FROM EMMAUS TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH” highlighting  the following themes:

  • “Stay with us”
  • “Where not our Hearts Burning within us”
  • “They set out immediately” respectively.

The different kind of Shifts and the challenges in the Disciples of Emmaus were explained to us clearly:

  • Doubt to Faith
  • Weakness to Power
  • Fear to Courage
  • Sadness to Joy

Fr. George stressed the role of Mary in the Church’s Evangelization. We believe that Mary is the greatest Evangelizer as she continues to spread the messages of prayer and penance through her apparitions in different places and to different people. We also viewed the Devotion to Personal consecration to Jesus through Mary, “Millions to Mary” a World consecration Campaign. We are convinced that, With Mary, from “Emmaus to the ends of the Earth” becomes fruitful and challenging.


These three days of seminar strengthened our conviction that “Once we are transformed we feel the urge within ourselves to go and proclaim or give Jesus to others”. Transformation Leads to Proclamation.

Besides the input sessions and presentation of various gospel themes, group discussions, reflections and sharing were held in groups and it certainly enriched our day’s learning experiences and Personal missionary convictions.


HCA Vasant Vihar NCC Girls Trekking Camp at Ajmer, Rajasthan  

Five of the NCC cadets of HCA Vasant Vihar- AfifaTabrezi, Mahima Gulati, Taushika  Singhania, Saumya  Kawaliya and Arushi Bisht got an opportunity to attend the ‘All India Girls Trekking Expedition’ in Ajmer, Rajasthan from 18-25 November 2017.

Pic 2 VV

We left Delhi on 17th November  with packed luggage to leave for this mission. Bubbling with excitement, we took our train to Ajmer from the Sarai Rohilla railway station to reach Ajmer by 4 a.m. and to have a round about the base camp. We were accompanied by 2 ANOs and 55 other cadets. We were later joined by cadets from Rajasthan, UP, MP, and Delhi. These included cadets of the Army, Air Force and Navy.


On 19th November morning, we were all briefed about the events scheduled for the day and then assembled at the ceremony hall for the opening ceremony in our NCC uniform. On the third day, we had our first trek to Naag Pahadi, where we covered 9 km with full enthusiasm. On 21st November, we had our trek scheduled at Taragarh, which was 5 km in all. On the following day, we were taken for an educational trip to the shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti and to the temple of Lord Brahma in Pushkar. On 23rd, we visited a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Mahavira and enjoyed the most adventurous trekking covering about 7 km in Narelli.On returning to the camp, we participated in a number of sport events winning many prizes. On 24th,we participated in a rally covering 5 km around the streets of Ajmer which was organised by the Naval team. On returning to the camp, we enjoyed a cultural programme performed by cadets from all directorates.It was indeed an unforgettable experience for all of us

Afifa Tabrezi

Class IX



Annual Sports Meet at Auxilium, Bandel (Seniors)


The excitement and tension on the grounds of Auxilium Convent Bandel was almost tangible on the 29th of November 2017,as the management, staff and students geared up to celebrate Sports Day for classes VI to XII. The event commenced with the arrival of the chief guest Rev.Sr.Rose Ezarath the provincial of fma Kolkata. After the welcome speech by the Principal Sr.Rejina Joseph the Sports Flag was hoisted followed by the lighting of the Sports Fire by the School and the House Captains. The houses then marched in tandem to the rhythmic beats of the school band. The inaugural ceremony ended with a colourful welcome dance by the pupils.


 All the four houses sent their best participants forward to represent them in the sports events. In an amazing display of talents and sportsmanship, the athletes of Auxilians competed against each other to garner points that would fetch them the acclaimed House Trophy. The Sports events were punctuated by vigorous displays like karate, yoga, and a synchronized display of mass drill by the students. Some memorable events like 4×100 meter relay, tug-of war and the teachers’ events generated frenzy among the pupils. The day came to an end with the prize distribution ceremony.


Notable mentions include the trophies for Best Auxilian, Best Athlete and the ICSE toppers. Yellow house was declared the best House of the scholastic year 2017-18 followed by the Green, Red, Blue houses respectively. The chief Guest Sr.Rose Ezarath addressed the gathering and appreciated the dedication and efforts put in by all to make this day a success. The eventful day concluded with a vote of thanks by the School Captain followed by the Flag down ceremony and the National Anthem. Everyone left home with buoyant hearts and jubilant spirit.




Annual Sports Meet Auxilium, Bandel (Juniors)


On 28th November 2017, the gates of Auxilium Convent Bandel were thrown open to reveal a grand arena to all, set for the Sports Meet 2017.As the guests of honour and distinguished personalities assumed their seats, the event commenced with the lighting of the Sports fire, a flame which radiated warmth and responsibility. Next the four houses marched in tandem to the synchronized beats of the school band: and the flag of their Alma Mater fluttering high. The huge  gathering was welcomed by a rhythmic dance, and the students geared up for the field events that were to take place.


The students from Nursery to class V competed against each other in an array of event like Ring Race, Family getting ready for a party, shopping , burst me if you can, hitting the target, etc..The events were punctuated by mesmerizing and colourful displays of drills by various classes. The day concluded with the prize distribution ceremony for the various events and the chief guest’s address. Shri Pradip Acharrya Additional District Magistrate Hooghly appreciated the dedication and efforts put in by all to make the event successful one. After the national Anthem, one and all went home with cheerful demeanors and jubilant hearts, having made memories that would last them forever.

DSC_7632 (2).JPG


Celebrating the 140th Anniversary of the First FMA Missionary Expedition at Auxilium, Gobra


On 21st November 2017, Auxilium Convent Gobra celebrated the 140th Anniversary of the first FMA Missionary Expedition with the poor families of the closest village. They were invited by the sisters on their family visits. At 3.00 p.m. the parents with their children arrived in our compound. It was followed by a procession carrying the symbols of a Ship, a Globe and a Bible around the playground later Sr.  Sadhanan Majumdar explained in brief the significance of the symbols and about the significance of the  celebration. This was followed by a solemn recitation of the Rosary. The celebration concluded with tea and snacks for all the 100 participants and 56 families were given a packet each with rice, dal, potato, onion etc.


The First World Day of the Poor is commemorated at Auxilium – Kurtumgrh


Let us love, not with words but with deeds”, keeping in mind the exhortation of  Holy Father  Pope Francis, sisters of Kurtumgarh community marked 19 November 2017, the First World Day of the Poor. The community prepared lunch for few poor families of the Mary Land, the neighbouring village, on 25th November 2017. They expressed their gratitude, acknowledged our kind gesture and thanked the community.  The community has decided along with Parish Priest to call the children of a poor backward village Soona shahi to have Christmas celebration.