Feast of Mother Mazzarello  celebrated at Auxilium Barasat


May 13th 2019, began with a fervent morning prayer animated by Sr. Sherely Kalapurayil. She made us to revisit Mornese, the birth place of Mother Mazzarello through a power point presentation and re-live the memories of the past. We also meditated on some of the wise sayings of Mother Mazzarello which made every one of us enthusiastic to know and love our founders more. After the Morning Prayer the boarders greeted the sisters with a beautiful festal song.  Around 10.30 a.m all the nearby communities of fathers, sisters, teachers, workers  and the Aspirantate community gathered around the Eucharistic table to celebrate the gift of this great saint. The mass began with the rhythmic steps of Aspirants leading the celebrants to the altar.Rev. Fr. K.T. Thomas SDB presided over the Eucharist together with other four priests of the neighbourhood. The mass commenced with a fitting introduction highlighting the virtues of Mother Mazzarello. In his homely Rev. Fr. K.T. Thomas highlighted the spirituality of Mother Mazzarello and exhorted everyone to strive for holiness by giving three simple steps to become holy such as humility, hard work and union with God. He also quoted that there is no age bar to become holy mentioning the example of the two children  Francisco and Jacinta Marto of Fatima  who are the youngest saints of the church. Fr. K.T. Thomas thanked everyone for their presence and invited each to carry with them the resolve to become saints.



After mass refreshments were given to all present which was followed by a short and meaningful programme by the Aspirants and boarders.The programme which commenced with a festal song by the borders included skit by the aspirants dance by boarders. Sr. Stella Potteparambil , the animator of the community thanked everyone for their presence amidst us to exult with us for the gift of our Co- Foundress and summoned all for the sumptuous lunch.  Every one enjoyed the day as it remained an unforgettable day for all.

Sr. Mary John



Thank you Expressions !

Can words suffice to spell gratitude to a person who had pilgrimaged with the province for almost 3 months sharing her life with each member of the communities?  Words will surely be inadequate so the province had recourse to the most sublime sign of thanks, The Holy Eucharist.

On 17th May 2019  the province of Mary Help of Christians Kolkata organized a  gratitudinal Eucharistic celebration at 7 am at Auxilium Dum Dum  attended by a good number of FMAs of the province. The celebrant was Fr. Jose Chunkapura SDB from Diamond Harbour.  The Holy Eucharist commenced with an entrance dance by the aspirants  who brought in the sisters with  symbols  of their communities’ service  for the locality , Sr. Lucy Rose the visiting councillor , Provincial Sr. Rose Ezarath and the celebrant.

17th May Thanksgiving Mass (38)

17th May Thanksgiving Mass (42)

17th May Thanksgiving Mass (61)

The entire Eucharistic celebration had the note of solemn thanksgiving right from the start with a an introduction delineating the  fruits of the canonical visit, the prayer of the faithful, the tuneful choir intoning meaningful hymns, the celebrant  solemnizing it with melodious   singing of the mass.  He in his talk urged all to decipher the sacred space where one find meaning, joy and fruitfulness.  Jesus said I have come that you may have life- life in abundance.  Each one of us is called to give ourselves totally and unreservedly for the service of the Lord and help our youngsters to discover their Sacred space .  The finale of the celebration was in storing in the history a memorable portrait with Sr. Lucy Rose and  of all present.    The ceremony came to a close with a thanksgiving speech, a song and  breakfast for all.

Sr. Stella P & Sr. Elizabeth Makil

17th May Thanksgiving Mass (75).JPG

‘Moment of Reflection and Sharing’


On 12th May 2019, 58 sisters gathered for the important event of the conclusion of the General Assembly of Canonical Visitation in Dum Dum Provincial House. In this important event Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil fma the Visiting General Councillor presented the copy of the concluding Reflections of Canonical Visit to Provincial Sr. Rose Ezarath. The General Assembly commence with a short PPT  Presentation by briefing the  canonical Visitation of each house and  prayer invoking God’s Grace that always amazing us.

Through the concluding Reflection of the Canonical Visit Sr. Lucy Rose the Visiting General Councillor  expressed her deep Gratitude and appreciation  for having being  privileged to enter into the sacred space of our lives both  individual and as communities. Through her talk she spurred us to the importance of contribution of our best to relationship and co- responsibility in our life and mission as well as the Tabor experience as the icon of consecrated life.

Finally the assembly ended with interacting on the Reflection, were the sisters expressed their views and opinions. It escorts us with many challenges individually and community level to form authentic prophetic Salesian Communities.

In the end sisters thanked Sr. Lucy Rose and Sr. Veronica Kamei her Secretary for their untiring service that they rendered to our province.

Sr. Karuna Bara





INITIATION OF ADMA at Auxilium Convent Gobra


On 1st May 2019, as the month of Holy Rosary commenced Auxilium Convent Gobra initiated the Association of Mary Help of Christians with 20 members. The  Programme started at 6.00pm with Holy Rosary followed by a Holy Eucharist presided over by Rev. Fr. John Puthiyedathuchalil the Parish Priest of  Auxilium Parish and delegate of ADMA in the  Salesian Province of Kolkata. At the beginning of the Holy Eucharist Sr. Majumdar Sadhana welcomed every one for the Eucharistic banquet on the auspicious occasion. Fr. John in his homily explained the reading of the day and highlighted Don Bosco’s devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and Mary Help of Christians. After the Holy Mass, Sr. Karakkal Teresa the animator of the community thanked everyone and offered a picture of Mary Help of Christians and a rosary.

Investiture Ceremony held at Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum

DSC_0046.JPGOn 30th April 2019, Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum, held its Investiture Ceremony. The School pupil leaders of the senior section and the junior section were invested with responsibilities on this solemn occasion. The chief guest of the day was Rev. Fr. Sudhir Nayak SS.CC. The ceremony began with the felicitation of the chief guest and the lighting of the lamp. A passage from the Bible was read which emphasised on the qualities of a leader.  The School Captains and the House Captains received their respective flags from the chief guest, and others received their badges and sashes from Superior Sr. Teresa A and Principal Sr. Esther Rani and it seemed everybody was ready to take up responsibilities in the new scholastic year with vigour and vitality.

DSC_0059.JPGRev. Fr. Sudhir Nayak, in his message to the students spoke about responsible leadership that involves a certain amount of sacrifice. He also stated that it is important to know oneself and the group one has to lead to become a successful leader. The students thanked Fr. Sudhir for his inspiring message. The ceremony concluded with the School Anthem.

Miss. Jennel Rodrick

Feast Day of Mother General Rev. Sr. Yvonne Reungoat and Investiture Ceremony


Students of Auxilium Convent Barasat on 26th April, 2019 celebrated the Feast Day of Mother General, Sr. Yvonne Reungoat to show our love and gratitude towards her. It was a privilege to have Rev. Fr. Bikash Mondal, Principal of Don Bosco Park Circus with us to celebrate this day. It is a significant event as the new scholastic year begins by invoking the blessing of Mother General and thanking for her valuable contribution towards creating an educational framework globally.

Following the tradition, the programme began with the Lighting of the Lamp followed by a song of Gratitude and Prayer Dance. An informative Power Point presentation gave us an insight into the life and work of Mother General together with the glorious fiesta at California where Mother General visited. Next the dancers set the stage on blaze with their rhythmic moves.

The Investiture ceremony has been a legacy in our school for years now, in which the newly elected leaders of our school took their oath before the entire school. The School Captains and the Vice Captains, House Captains and House-vice-Captains, Prefects, Club Presidents and Class Captains and Vice Captains marched to the beats of the drum one by one and took their pledge to look after their team members and also bring glory and fame to the institution. They were handed over the batches by Superior Sr. Stella P. , Principal Sr. Clara Saminathan,  Chief Guest and Teachers. Fr. Bikash blessed the leaders and shared a few words on leadership and what it takes to be a good leader. Sr. Superior encouraged the students to enhance their skills and reach the zenith of perfection in the present academic session 2019-20.The Celebration ended with a zeal, optimism and hope for every student to perform better than what they had done in the past.

Ishika Nag and Sreedipta Roy(Class XI A)

Worker’s Day Celebration


The International Worker’s Day was celebrated on 30th April,2019 at the campus of Auxilium Convent School, Barasat with great zeal and enthusiasm. The entire programme was organised by Teachers and Students of Social Service Club under the supervision of Rev. Sr. Principal Sr. Clara Saminathan.The day began with special prayers for all caregivers and work force of our institutions that make our lives easy.

After the lighting of the lamp, students expressed their gratitude and love through various performances, which include Inaugural song, Prayer Dance, Fusion Dance, Skit and Power point presentation. Students were overwhelmed to see their favourite Kalpana Masi’s heart touching interview in the power point presentation where she narrated her experience for 30 years in this institution. The Skit displayed the ceaseless struggles and obedience of every workers in this society in a humorous way. Students thanked them for their priceless contribution in their life since childhood.

Sr. Superior and Sr. Principal prayed for their healthy life, thanking the workers for their valuable and selfless services. Superior narrated a story based on dignity of labour relating it to the significance of the day, thereby forging a better understanding of the labour community among our students who must learn to respect and appreciate our efforts. Principal appreciated and made the students conscious of the hard toil of the workers throughout the year for keeping the campus safe, beautiful and clean.

All the workers were presented with refreshments and gifts as a mark of respect and token of love. The event came to an end with a short and sweet speech of Kalpana Masi ,where she, on behalf of all other workers, expressed gratitude to all Sisters for their love and blessed the students with good health and achievements in life.