On 12th May, 2017 the students of the Middle and High school gathered together to celebrate the Feast day of St. Mazzarello and St. Dominic Savio which was followed by the inter house classical dance and fusion dance competitions.

The program began with the lighting of the lamp and by garlanding the statues of St. Dominic Savio and St. Mary Mazzarello to honour them. A prayer dance was performed to invoke God’s blessing. A musical play staged by students from various classes beautifully portrayed the lives of the two saints and how St. Don Bosco had helped them in their journey towards attaining sainthood. It was accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.

SAVIO MAZZARELLO Feast by High School.jpg

With the feast day celebration coming to an end, we kicked off with the dance competitions. We were left mesmerized as the middle school girls from the four houses wonderfully upstaged the theme of the Eastern dance competition, ‘The power of seven’ through their gracious dance Performances. This was followed by the High school Fusion Dancecompetition which we thoroughly enjoyed as the girls and boys claimed the stage and swayed to the tunes and beats. We came to the end of the programme with the vote of thanks by the dance club president, and our principal, Sr. Clara.

At the end of the day, we were left inspired and enriched with lives of the great Saints while the performances and competitions entertained us no less.


The community celebrated the Feast of St.Mary Mazzarello on 13th May, 2017. The day started with a holy Mass at 10.30 am presided over by Fr.Biji Thomas and 4 priests.Religious priests, sisters, Teachers, students and boarders were invited for the feast.  After Mass boarders put up a festal programme and with a delicious and tasty food all went home with a smile.

Ishika  Nag

 IX- A



News from Auxilium Kalyani


10 May:  A Blessing –  The beautiful practice of praying the daily rosary during the month of May in each Christian family is till today observed in Kalyani,  to draw down blessings on the family. Today at 5 p.m. we had 25 mothers of the parish and a few children along with our boarders and sisters to pray the rosary in our chapel with fervor and devotion, singing hymns to our Blessed Mother and offering intentions for the sisters and the needs of the world at large. After the Scripture reading there was a short reflection on it. At the end of the rosary Sr. Mary Sarkar enlightened them on the special significance of this month of May, for us Salesian sisters, especially the feast of St. Mary Mazzarello, our Co-foundress and that of 24th May, why we are called daughters of Mary Help of Christians. They left home taking Mary with them after a light snack and a cool drink. For as the hymn goes “Be with us Mary along the way, guide every step we take”.


12 May: Feast day celebration Mother Mazzarello in the school – It was a joyous and happy moment for our dear children and teachers to remember Mother Mazzarello and celebrate her feast. Mrs. Anita Gomes, at the start briefed them on the life of Mother Mazzarello with special emphasis and examples, on her hard work, working only for God’s glory, her prayer life, her obedience to God’s will and her great charity towards all. A dance in rhythmic steps paying homage to Mother Mazzarello drew everyone’s attention in joy and awe. “We clap pour hand and shout aloud” was then a song sang proudly to Mother Mazzarello by the students of Classes 2 and 3. This was followed by the Story Telling Competition in English by students of class 3 to make this day a specially celebrated. The short program concluded with a Bengali song to Mother Mazzarello. Sweets were distributed for all as they left for their summer vacation wishing all a Happy Holiday!


 13 May: Feast day celebration Mother Mazzarello – Today’s feast took us to two focal points celebrating it as a family; namely the Eucharist and the Agape. At 11.00 am we had the solemn Eucharistic celebration concelebrated by Fathers Saroj Mullick sdb, the rector of Don Bosco, as chief celebrant along with Fr. Peter Gomes sdb. Fr. Saroj, in his brief homily connected the Word of God to the life of Mother Mazzarello            “I am the way, the truth and the Life, whoever has seen me has seen the Father”. He laid stress on the laborious life, her charity, obedience, poverty and she being a simple rustic woman, involved life with contemplation and action. Present with us for this feast were 2 SMI sisters, 2 MC Brothers, and the 4 sdb fathers  who joined in the agape along with the boarders, all the workers and their children.



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On the 11th and 12th May 2017 the Primary and High School of Auxilium School Dum Dum witnessed a spectacular performance by the green house their patron saint. The programme commenced with a prayer service invoking God’s choicest blessings on all   the sisters, teachers, and students especially those who are waiting for their board exam results. The life of Mary Mazzarello was highlighted in the form of a dance drama by classes IV and V that how Mary nurture the life of the young people through education, valuing the opportunity to be a loving caring and kind person. In the next day the High school students began the celebration by a luminous lamp – lighting ceremony. A unique power point presentation by class X drew a wonderful connection between the women of yesterday and the modern women in various aspects to highlight the influence of Mother Mazzarello and her heart touching contribution to the society. Then a classical and puppet dance replete with action based on the theme of a Mother was presented by class IX,X, & XI. The students also presented to Sr.Superior and Principal Saplings, representing   green house, as the color of life. A skit was followed then in the influence of motivation and guiding spirit of a mother on her daughter’s transformation into a successful business woman was elucidated with much expression. The scintillating programme ended with an event portraying the spirit of the Bengali ‘Bauls”   dance which conveyed the message of always following Mother Mazzarello’s footsteps which will lead us to eternal happiness and bliss.

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The third day (13th May) the culmination of the previous days’ celebrations and the novena preparations, honoring St.Mary Mazzarello arrived  at 11.00 a.m in the convent chapel when Rev. Fr. Nirmol Gomes SDB, the Salesian Provincial of Kolkata officiated the Holy Eucharist. This was a unique celebration since all the members of our family: SDB, FMA, SMI, VDB, Cooperators, ADMA, Past Pupils, Teachers, and the present pupils gathered around the Eucharistic table to offer the Mass of Thanksgiving which began with the presentation of a beautiful bouquet of roses to our dear Co-Founder.

Mary Mazzarello.JPG

The school choir sang beautifully for the Mass probably making all the angels too to rush to our chapel to join us in this lovely angelic singing. It was indeed a Big family get together honoring their Mother and Co-Founder.

(Sr. Restitula Kharpran)

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Mother Mazzarello is honoured  at Auxilium Convent, Barasat

Mass -2

With much joy and enthusiasm the feast of St. Mary Mazzarello the co-foundress was celebrated at Auxilium Convent Barasat on 13 May 2016. All the invitees added more joy in the celebration of the feast of our Co-foundress. Rev. Fr. Matthew George SDB the Provincial secretary of Kolkata province celebrated the Holy Eucharist along with two other con- celebrants. The boarders through their entrance dance led the celebrant towards the alter. In the introduction it was highlighted how Mary Mazzarello trusted in the mercy of God and enabled her sisters to experience His mercy.

Eucharistic celebration In his homily               Rev. Fr. Matthew George emphasised on her sense of wisdom through which she provided opportunities for the education of girls. She possessed wisdom and an extraordinary sense of reading the signs of the time. She lived and worked for the Lord and trained the girls in skills for their honest living. If we live and work for the Lord, He will provide everything that we require. He also explained the four minutes talk of Pope Francis in the Sistine Chapel before his election. He compared his practicality with the life of Mother Mazzarello and her system of education for the young. The lively singing enabled everyone to take active part in the Holy Eucharist. Mother Mazzarello celebrationThen followed the cultural programme by aspirants and boarders; the aspirants put up a colourful prayer dance and the boarders displayed the life of Mary Mazzarello and her tireless patience in saving the young souls especially the soul of Emma Ferrero. The festal songs and dances made the celebration gorgeous. The celebration ended with a fellowship meal. Indeed the day came to an end but the joy and memory of the celebration still lingers in the memory lane.

Sr. Basanti FMA


The feast of St. Mary Mazzarello and St. Dominic Savio is celebrated  at Auxilium Convent, School, Barasat

school celebration 1

Blue and Green house honoured  their patron saints – St. Mary Mazzarello and St. Dominic Savio.  The Auxilians of Barasat had a fabulous day on 12 May 2016. Both primary and high school had wonderful way of honouring St. Mary Mazzarello and St. Dominic Savio.  The lighting of the lamp and prayer song put everyone in the mood of celebration. Primary displayed the life of St. Dominic Savio through which His virtues were highlighted.Mary Mazzarello house had power point presentation of on her life and virtues. There were songs and dances to add joy and beauty in the celebration.

School celebration 3The High school had prayer service and put up a unique celebration as there was power point presentation, self-composed poems with poem enactment and sketching the portrait of St. Mary Mazzarello. Hymns and dances and instrumentals made the celebration gorgeous. At the end Sr. Stella the animator congratulated them for their lovely performances and invited the gathering to imitate these spiritual and moral giants.Indeed the day brought lots of joy and cheer in the lives of Auxilians.

She was a mother, a woman

Mother Mazzarello

She was a mother, a woman who defined the word “grace”

She  was a God send gift she was a lady who shall be remembered for eternity.

With her love we walk an extra mile.

Our day made joyous with her smile.

Her presence blossoms our existence

She is our benefactor, our protective fence.

She restrains us from all wrongful deeds

Her divine embrace is what we need .

However harsh and cruel is the reality.

She softens it try her mystical beauty.

We shall give her our soul and heart.

To learn from her the merciful art

We want her by our side

To be our teacher, to be our guide

The heaven stands witness to her sacrifice

How she was there to soothe human cries

Mornese is grateful to her compassion

Serving others being her only passion

She loved us without any condition

She led our way to an angelic revelation

The charismatic founder of Salesian sisters

The message of love in her ears whispered

She becomes our power, our strength

With her inspiration, we can reach up to any length

We strive to walk in the path she shows.

As messenger of mercy we want to grow

She is blessed by the good Lord.

In her we have encountered God.

By Swapnila Chakraborty,  XB.

Auxilium Bandel


St. Mary Mazzarello is honoured at Auxilium Kalyani


St.Mary MazzarelloThe Novena’s practical practices for the feast of our beloved Mother Mazzarello was indeed a sure help on a strong footing in imitation of her virtues of love, compassion and mercy. Reading of the Cronistoria Volume II enabled us reflect and drink deeply, the spirit of the Institute in its nascent stage. The beautifully decorated portrait of Mother Mazzarello was a constant reminder and invitation to love her and tread her path of life. During the tridum for our Morning Prayer cum meditation we had beautiful themes to reflect upon: 1. The entire life story of Mother Mazzarello 2. Open to the Horizon and 3. Drink Deeply. The dawn of this beautiful feast culminated in the celebration of the solemn Hoy Eucharist concelebrated by Rt. Rev. Joseph Gomes of Krishnagar, the Vicar general and the three Salesians from Kalyani, where a small group of faithful too participated along with the religious and MC Brothers of the vicinity. In his brief homily, the bishop connected the Readings of the feast day: I Cor: 1:21-24 and Lk: 10: 21-24 to the life and virtues of Mother Mazzarello laying stress on her virtues of simplicity, joy, hard work and humility. He was very happy to have been present with us on this beautiful feast as he often remarks: “You are my own sisters and I love you all”. He even joined us for lunch. By afternoon he met all our co workers and gave them his blessings with a kind thought. By 5 p.m. our chapel was packed to capacity with about 40 Catholic women from our area, to pray the Rosary in honor of Mother Mazzarello and for the intentions of our community and mission. The day came to a joyous end with hearts filled with gratitude and love to God and to all who have made this day a “Happy Feast Day”. No doubt, then, each of us could sing in our hearts “Let’s go to Mornese to see our Mother,   Let’s go to Mornese to find how life was there. Let’s go to Mornese to breathe its spirit. Let’s go to Mornese its virtues to relive.

Mother Mazzarello celebration