13 July 2017, was a special day for DON BOSCO TECH AUXULIUM BARASAT as we had Talent Hunt PROGRAMME. Chief guests were Sir Augustin and Ma’am Nazma.


The programme started at 2 O’ clock with a motivational speech and opening prayer by the Center-In- charge Sr. Sherley. This stage programme is an open forum to showcase the talents of the students.

It was conducted by one of our students, Susmita Mallik. She started the Program by welcoming the chief guest and those who were present over there. The programme consisted of competitions in solo dances and songs; group dance completion and a duet dance.

Sir Augustin and Nazma Mam appreciated the performance of the students. They said that it’s a platform for the students who are getting skill training along with extra- curricular activities. Sr. Sherley thanked both the guests and appreciated the students’ performance.


DB Tech – Barasat: 2nd Guest Lecture for Phase 6, Batch 1 (13th batch)


On 15th June, 2017, Mr. Gopen Mondal (Area Relationship Manager of DTS) came to DB Tech Barasat to give his lecture on Hospitality. He gives placement in various hotels and hospitals like Tata Medical, ITC, JW Merriate, Medica Super Speciality Hospital.


At 1:30 p.m. we started our programme by Sir Utpal Chakroborty, who introduced Mr. Gopen Mondal to everyone. He shared with students good experiences of his life. Later he explained the meaning of hospitality and about DTS Organisation . He said that DTS is a very big platform for the young people who can get the path of success after completion of the course if that student has the desire to go further in his future. Then he mentioned the importance of time in our life and why money is needed for a better life. He said that students shouldn’t waste their time by thinking unnecessary thing but should should utilize the time properly. After this he gave the chance to the students for asking questions about salary, increment and promotion. After the programme students were very happy and highly motivated. At the end Sir Asit Roy thanked Mr. Gopen Mondal for sharing his valuable thoughts and experience with the students.

Asit Roy

Hospitality Trainer

DB Tech Barasat

HIV AIDS Awareness Programme

On 14th  June Sir Bishwajit Mishra conducted a session on HIV AIDS to make the students of Don Bosco Tech Barasat Centre to become aware of it. First he explained about Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS).


He explained in detail how it occurs. Following initial infection, a person may not notice any symptoms or may experience a brief period of influenza-like illness. Typically, this is followed by a prolonged period with no symptoms.As the infection progresses, it interferes more with the immune system, increasing the risk of common infections like tuberculosis, as well as other opportunistic infections, and tumours that rarely affect people who have working immune systems.These late symptoms of infection are referred to as AIDS. This stage is often also associated with weight loss.

After that He mentioned the reason of HIV. HIV infection is spread from person to person when human blood and sexual fluids (semen and vaginal secretions) are shared. HIV can be transmitted through:

  • Unprotected sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal or oral*)
  • Transfusion of contaminated blood
  • Sharing of contaminated needles used for injectable drugs
  • Sharing infected needles for tattoos and body piercing
  • Oral sex (the risk is small, though)
  • From HIV infected mother to her child during pregnancy, child birth or breast feeding

Then he showed a video on HIV AIDS. Over there everything the reason, effect of HIV AIDS was clearly mentioned. At the end he cautioned the students who are going work in hotel industry to be careful and aware.


Mobilization through football match

DSC00506.JPG10th of June was a great day for Don Bosco Tech Barasat because we had mobilization through football match. There was a football match between Don Bosco Tech Barasat and Naboudayan Sangha Barasat. 22 candidates came to see and participate in the game. At 9 am after the assembly Superior Sr. Stella and Sister in charge Sr. Sherley met all the students and players and wished them best of luck. Then the trainers met with all the players and explained about Don Bosco Tech beautifully. After listening from the trainers many were interested to take the admission. At 9:30 am we started the game. First half both the team played well and the score was level but 2nd half Barasat Naboudayan Sangha played better and they won by 4-1.


It was a great game and great experience for the both the teams. Our DB tech students though they lost the game but they were looking very happy and they said that win and loss are the part of the game but important thing is that we enjoyed the game lot and we learned how to work as a team from Naboudayan Sangha.


At the end all the trainers and Sr. Sherley congratulated the winning team and also Don Bosco Tech Barasat team for such a nice game. At last we distributed snacks to everyone.


Inauguration  and Parents Day of the DB Tech Phase 6, Batch 1 students


On 15th  May 2017, we celebrated the Inauguration as well as the Parents Day of the DBTech Phase 6, Batch 1 students. The program started with the Morning Assembly. After this we all gathered together to welcome the Parents and the Chief Guest of the program Fr. Gregory from Picnic garden Church.

The program started with a Welcome Speech by a student Bapi. Fr. Gregory was welcomed by Sr.Sherley and he was garlanded by a student Suvamay. This was followed by the “Lighting of the Lamp” by the Chief Guest, Sisters, Trainers and 2 students. It was followed by  Group Dances by Allen and his group and by Susmita and her group. Later Sir Bishwajit shared his knowledge about DB Tech. Then a Skit on “Save the trees” was performed by the students beautifully which gave the message on the importance of trees in our life.


Fr. Gregory appreciated the performances and encouraged the students to carry on the good things in their future and build a strong base for their future. He explained the importance of Skill training and hard work in life. He said that if a person work hard then he or she will definitely get the taste of success. Superior Sr. Stella shared her motivational thoughts on dream of Don Bosco which encouraged the students. Later Sir Utpal thanked all the Parents, Sisters and students. The programme ended by distributing Snacks to all.

Mr. Bishwajit Mishra

D.B. TECH Barasat – Guest Lecture for Phase 6, Batch 1 (13th batch)


On 25th May 2017, we had the golden opportunity for D.B. TECH Barasat because Mr. D.P Chakraborty (HR Manager eastern India of Sayaji Hotels) came to DB tech Barasat to give his lecture on Hospitality.

At 10:30 a.m. we started our programme by Sir Bishwajit, who introduced Mr. D.P Chakraborty with everyone. He started his speech with a good thought that nothing is impossible in this world. After that he mentioned the meaning of hospitality. He said that DB tech is a very big platform for the young people who can get the path of success after completion of the course if that student has the desire to go further in his future. Then he mentioned the importance of time in our life. He said that students shouldn’t waste their time by thinking unnecessary thing. They should utilize the time properly. Later he explained how he achieved success in his life and shared the information about his hotels.


Students were very happy and highly motivated. At the end Sir Bishwajit Mishra thanked Mr. D.P Chakraborty for sharing his valuable thoughts and experiences with the students and then had a small meeting with the centre in-charge Sr. Sherley, trainers and Mr. Chakraborty about the campus interview.


D.B. TECH – Guest Lecture of Phase 5,Batch 2


On 21st February,2017, we had the golden opportunity of both (D.B. TECH Barasat &D.B. TECH Gobra) combined guest lecture for Hospitality domain by Mr. Rahul Sabherwal(Ex-Principal of IIAS School of Management, GOA)& we also had the joyfulness presence of State Co-ordinator, Sir Indranil and State Cluster, Sir Augustine.

At 10:30 a.m. we started our programme by center-in-charge, Sister Sherley, who invited all the honourable guests, Guest Lecturer and both the center’s students. At first Mr. Samik De introduced Mr. Rahul Sabherwal to everyone. Then Mr. Samik shared the real life time job experience and achievements of Mr. Rahul Sabherwal to everyone. Mr. Rahul Sabherwal started his sessions with motivational speeches and detailed overview introduction of Hospitality industry. Then he showed a video of American Top chef motivational speeches.


He started his speech with the explanation of Hospitality. He said that Hospitality is a weapon what we use in everywhere and he also mentioned different areas of Hospitality. Then he gave ideas to the students regarding various types of hotel, classification of hotel, career aspects, personal attitude and grooming standards of hospitality industry, Budget Category hotel, Eco hotel and etc. After that he showed a video on job sectors for hospitality students. Different sectors are Airlines, Catering, Restaurant and fast food chain, tourism sectors, food industry where our students can work. After this he discussed various departments of Hospitality.At the end he showed a video on Table Setup and one day life of Hayabusa Chef who was cooking various dishes in a pavilion in front of the guests. He ended the programme by saying that everything is possible. If anyone tries to get success in his life he will definitely achieve that. Students should not lose their confidence. Skill, Attitude and confidence these three things are very necessary to get success in this industry. After the programme students were very happy and highly motivated.

At the end of the programme thanks giving speeches given by Sir Samik from Barasat centre and Sir Joydeep from DB Tech Gobra centre.

Bishwajit Mishra

DB Tech Auxilium Barasat