Juniors Meet Held


The regular formative meeting of the Juniors was held at Dum Dum from 28 -31 July organized by Sr. Teresa Adampakallel the formation in charge. The main topic of the meeting was the Letters of St. Paul, imparted by Rev. Fr. Joe Kallirangat S.J. Sr. Rose Ezarath the Provincial explained the three choices of General Chapter XXIII -Transformation through encounter, Together with the young people, and Missionaries of hope and joy. Sr. Mini Chettayil the Provincial Secretary taught the juniors how to use the Publisher when writing the chronicles of different sectors.

   Juniors' Meet                                                                                                                                                                 Sr. Teresa Adampakallel  surprised us with many tiny “Salesian Traditions” which are very good and practical, but are not realized in our everyday life. They helped us to re-confirm the sayings of Mother Mazzarello,  “Sanctity consists in doing the right thing  in the right time and place and only for the love of God. We thank God for all these insights that we have received in order to grow and be an authentic FMA.


One thought on “Juniors Meet Held

  1. How beautiful are the Feet of those who brings Good News. How beautiful to see our young ones blooming towards sanctity. I am proud of you.The Future of the Province depends on each one of you. You are the Pillars of the Province therefore stand firm in Faith and go ahead with enthusiasm and courage.

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