Seminar for Religious Animators

A seminar was held for the formators/ Religious Animators from 21st to 28th July 2017 at N.B.C.L.C. (National Biblical Catechetical and Liturgical Centre) at Bangalore. There were about 87 participants belonging to the various Religious Congregations. The eight days were animated by seven efficient priests and a lay woman. Fr. D. Alphonse, the resource person of the first day highlighted the importance of being charismatic leaders of the church.

NBCLC - Seminar 2017 001

The second day was all about the needed profile and portrait of Indian Religious Formators by Rev. Fr. Gilbert Choondal S.D.B. He dealt with the access and defects of the Indian religious. Though one lakh thirty thousand counting only women religious in India involved in humanitarian services speaks volume of assets, yet the quality of religious life is a matter of worry due to relational aspects, lack of maturity , institutional and alienated life etc.

“Leadership for the community building in the Spirit of the Eucharist” was the topic of 3rd day by Fr. Moncy S.D.B. On the fourth day Fr. Jerry Rosario S.J. introduced the topic “Challenges for the Religious in Current Indian Mission Context”.

Finally on the fifth day Mrs. Mercy Kappen director of a NGO named UISTAR, spoke on “women empowerment and gender justice in Church and society”. The day ended with a beautiful Taize Prayer moment conducted by Rev. Fr. Gilbert SDB.

On the sixth day Fr. Gilbert animated a meditation “Waking with the Word”. The resource person of the day Rev. Fr. Rayappan an expert in Canon Law enlightened us on the topic “Ethics and moral issues in religious life- Practical guidance from the Canonical point of view. He said that every religious Institute must keep in mind their primary apostolate is “Being “than “Doing”. He also gave us the hand outs on “Tips for superiors” and a check list on “How a good superior are you?”

On the second last day Rev. Fr. Gabriel OFM was the resource person and he dealt with the topic on “Psycho-Spiritual maturity of a religious leader at mid life transition.”

On the last day the participant renewed their life according to the model of Pope Francis that we need to go to the poor and marginalized who live in peripheries.









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