Day with God

On 7th July 2017, 24 catholic students of Auxilium convent School Barasat, along with Sr. Shirley Kalapurayil and Sr. Mary John went to Bandel basilica for a retreat. The program started with the holy Eucharist by Rev. Fr. Tony Sdb. After the holy Mass all went to the Balcony to pray the holy rosary. After supper we watched a movie named Our Lady of Fatima. We learned the importance of praying the rosary.The life and courage of Jacinta, Lucy and Francisco touched us and inspired us a lot.


The following day we began our day with the Holy Eucharist.  The day’s programme was animated by Rev. Fr. Tony and Deacon Felix Raja Sdb. The topics dealt were the importance of prayer and the word of God in our life and the need to have a programmed life. We were given opportunities to express our difficulties we face in our life and solutions were suggested. Fr. Tony exhorted us to have will power and be strong in our decisions.


In the afternoon we had the privilege to avail the sacrament of confession and few were lucky to receive counseling. We also had a guided tour of the Basilica.   We concluded our day with the Holy Rosary at the shrine of Our Lady and watching the story of a monk called Nacho, who loved the orphan children and worked hard to provide food for them. On Sunday 9th July after Holy Mass at the Basilica and breakfast we left Bandel.  We are grateful to Sr. Principal Sr. Clara Swaminathan for giving us this golden opportunity to know God and the bible in a better way.



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