Workshop on  writing FMA India History



A workshop was held in view of drafting  FMA indiaHisory as we journey towards the centenary celebration of FMA presence in India, from 15-16 July 2017 at Auxilium Dum Dum. Sr. Philomena D,souza INB coordinator of FMA India history conducted the workshop for northern provinces, INS,INC and ING.  The workshop focussed on drawing up some guidelines for writing the history. The participants were Sr. Eugenia Laloo from Shillong, Sr. Penny Rose and Sr. Kaini Martha from Guwahati, Sr. Lily Perumpettikunnel and Sr. Stella Potteparambil from Kolkata.   The vice Provincial, Sr. Adampakallel Theresa welcomed the members.  The interaction with Sr. Rose Ezarath, provincial of Kolkata was an encouragement for the  members to take up this great and tedious work. Sr. Lily Perumpettikunnel was chosen by the members to coordinate the work of writing history of the northern provinces. The workshop drew its curtain with thanksgiving Hymn at 2.p.m




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