Installation of the new Animator at Mazzarello Convent, Ranchi.


On 20th June 23, 2017 it was a remarkable day for the community of  Mazzarello  Convent, Ranchi. Both Mazzarello and Sacred Heart  community were eagerly waiting at the main door entrance. Sr. Aruna initiated the solemn prayer moment with an appropriate introduction  ‘Community is a place where we grow together, we live side by side, sharing and caring in the  community with one aim and purpose’. Thereafter all joined voices in singing “O Chosen one ……” and entered the Chapel. Sr. Leela handed over the beautiful flower bouquet to sr. Lily saying “accept this bouquet of flowers, a symbol of unity in diversity, though each flower is different in shape colour and beauty, together they spread fragrance and splendor.” And then Sr. Teresa Koretti handed over the door key to the new Animator Sr. Lily. Sr. Leela installed her  with a solemn prayer saying “Let the door of the tabernacle be opened to find Jesus, to find Him in each other and let our home be a place of joy where each one grows day by day in sanctity” and gave the Tabernacle Key to Sr. Lily. Final prayer was said by Sr. Rosalia Tirkey the Novice Mistress and the Superior of the Novitiate Community. Prayer service was concluded by singing “Mary Mother you will surly help me….”


 Oh! What a wonderful evening it was for many of us who witness first time the installation of a new superior. All the sisters wished Sr. Lily Hearty CONGRATULATIONS and shared a piece of cake together.


Mazzarello School students were thrilled to welcome Sr. Lily as their Principal. They began the day with a beautiful prayer dance seeking God’s blessings upon the new Principal. There after they   welcomed her with a welcome speech by school vice captain Babli Kumari followed by Welcome song. All joined voices and said aloud ‘Hearty Welcome to You Dear Sr. Lily in our midst’ Thus the programme ended with lots of joy and cheer.


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