A workshop for drafting the FMA- INDIA SOCIAL POLICY


A workshop for drafting the FMA- INDIA SOCIAL POLICY was held in Yercaud, Chennai from 29th June to 1st July 2017. The main purpose of the workshop organised by NDF was to give guidelines for the social ministry as well as for the better coordination between the different realities operating in the FMA Institutions. There were 17 participants from all seven provinces. Rev. Fr. Joseph Xavier SJ, the NDF consultant resource person facilitated the group.

The workshop commenced at 9 a.m. with a prayer, invoking God’s blessings and light on the participants. Sr. Isabella welcomed the Chief Guest Sr. Manoranjitham, the province delegate of INM, Rev. Fr. Joseph Xavier the resource person and all the participants.

Sr. Manoranjitham in her inaugural talk emphasized the importance of Social Work and various realms of social work carried out by the Government, NGOs, Social Activists, etc. She motivated the participants by citing relevant example of a woman entrepreneur who trained (Security guard) unskilled women for gainful employment and was able to get 100% placement. She exhorted the FMA to utilize every opportunity to serve the poor and work with strong will, faith in divine providence, and in cooperation with one another, in order to build a new and better world.

Fr. Joseph Xavier put forth four relevant questions to the participants for the preparation of the introductory draft of the Social Policy. They are:

  1. Why does FMA India need a Social Policy?
  2. Who should be the audience for these policies?
  3. What should be the nature of the policy?
  4. What are the various dimensions the policy should cover?

This brainstorming session geared up the participants for preparing the draft for the future social policy. Subsequently, the participants were divided into three groups consisting of different provinces.A rough draft prepared in 2011 was given for reference. All worked seriously and so after three days of hard labour, a draft copy of the policy was prepared.


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