Funeral Mass of TERESA SAGAYAMARY RUBEN FMA at Auxilium Dum Dum

Sr. Ruben 1

In the morning hours of July 4, 2017 when the community members of Auxilium Bandel were in prayer and meditation, the Lord of life and the God of surprises came to take our dear Sr. Teresa Ruben when she was in sleep.

The funeral Mass was held on July 5, 2017 at 10.30 am in the  Provincial House Chapel at Dum Dum. Fr. Joseph Pauria SDB the vice provincial of Kolkata presided over the Holy Eucharist together with 15 other concelebrants. Present for the funeral services were also her mother, brother, sisters and relatives from Bangalore. The chapel packed with Religious, young people, laity, members of the Salesian family, well wishers and friends was a sign of the impact she made on the people with her life of holiness.  Those who addressed the final words of adieu spoke volumes of her deep prayer and faith life.

Her mortal remains were laid to rest at 2.30pm in Bhawanipur cemetery. May she enjoy the eternal peace and joy of the Risen Lord!

Reported by Sr. Lily P.

Sr. Ruben 2.jpg

Sr. Ruben 3.jpg

Sr. Ruben 4.jpg


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