Mobilization through football match

DSC00506.JPG10th of June was a great day for Don Bosco Tech Barasat because we had mobilization through football match. There was a football match between Don Bosco Tech Barasat and Naboudayan Sangha Barasat. 22 candidates came to see and participate in the game. At 9 am after the assembly Superior Sr. Stella and Sister in charge Sr. Sherley met all the students and players and wished them best of luck. Then the trainers met with all the players and explained about Don Bosco Tech beautifully. After listening from the trainers many were interested to take the admission. At 9:30 am we started the game. First half both the team played well and the score was level but 2nd half Barasat Naboudayan Sangha played better and they won by 4-1.


It was a great game and great experience for the both the teams. Our DB tech students though they lost the game but they were looking very happy and they said that win and loss are the part of the game but important thing is that we enjoyed the game lot and we learned how to work as a team from Naboudayan Sangha.


At the end all the trainers and Sr. Sherley congratulated the winning team and also Don Bosco Tech Barasat team for such a nice game. At last we distributed snacks to everyone.



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