On 12th May, 2017 the students of the Middle and High school gathered together to celebrate the Feast day of St. Mazzarello and St. Dominic Savio which was followed by the inter house classical dance and fusion dance competitions.

The program began with the lighting of the lamp and by garlanding the statues of St. Dominic Savio and St. Mary Mazzarello to honour them. A prayer dance was performed to invoke God’s blessing. A musical play staged by students from various classes beautifully portrayed the lives of the two saints and how St. Don Bosco had helped them in their journey towards attaining sainthood. It was accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.

SAVIO MAZZARELLO Feast by High School.jpg

With the feast day celebration coming to an end, we kicked off with the dance competitions. We were left mesmerized as the middle school girls from the four houses wonderfully upstaged the theme of the Eastern dance competition, ‘The power of seven’ through their gracious dance Performances. This was followed by the High school Fusion Dancecompetition which we thoroughly enjoyed as the girls and boys claimed the stage and swayed to the tunes and beats. We came to the end of the programme with the vote of thanks by the dance club president, and our principal, Sr. Clara.

At the end of the day, we were left inspired and enriched with lives of the great Saints while the performances and competitions entertained us no less.


The community celebrated the Feast of St.Mary Mazzarello on 13th May, 2017. The day started with a holy Mass at 10.30 am presided over by Fr.Biji Thomas and 4 priests.Religious priests, sisters, Teachers, students and boarders were invited for the feast.  After Mass boarders put up a festal programme and with a delicious and tasty food all went home with a smile.

Ishika  Nag

 IX- A



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