We came together on 14th May 2017 to mark the beginning of the “AUXI FAMILIA SUMMER CAMP “, an initiative taken by our Principal, Sr. Clara to train our talents, skills and to learn new things besides our academic curriculum.

Each day began with sessions of basketball and football. Fr. Gregory Montiero and Superior Sr. Stella helped us to understand the importance of the presence of God and His blessings in our life through ‘Spiritual Awakening’ classes. A discourse on Personality Development was conducted by Mr. Neville helped to instil in us the various moral values and leadership qualities. We danced and swayed to the Bollywood beats and learned the art of self defense through ‘Karate’. The art and craft classes were enjoyed by all.

Summer Camp 2.jpg

On the last day, the 20th May we came together as a family: students, teachers and parents performed all that we had learnt in the past week while our Chief Guest Fr. Anthony Rodriquez, the Dean of 24 Paraganas enlightened us with his words of wisdom. We danced and sang to the fullest. The day ended with the distribution of the certificates to all the participants.

Summer Camp.jpg

Summer Vacations are usually spent idly but this year, the summer camp gave us an opportunity to utilize  the time in a productive way and has been a great value addition to our lives. Last but not the least, I’d like to thank our Principal and Our Superior for the grand success of the Summer Camp.

Ishika Nag




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