Annual Retreat

The Annual retreat was held at Sacred Heart Novitiate, Namkum – Ranchi from17th – 24th May 2017.  There were 26 participants from three Provinces (ING, INS and INC), and it was preached  Fr. Deepak Toppo S J. The theme of the retreat was  “to know Him more intimately, to love Him more ardently and to follow Him more closely”. On  17th May 2017, Sr. Philomena Prabalanathan initiated the retreat by an introductory talk. She exhorted us to renew our motivation and determination according to the Gospel values, and to live the mystery of our call.


Fr. Deepak invited us to be aware of the purpose of our lives, to experience the longing in our hearts for God which is the only aim and fulfillment of our lives, to touch His presence in creation and to experience the freedom. Fr. Deepak helped us to be aware of the love of Christ through reflection on the passion of our Lord, in a practical way which is related to daily events of life. He further took us to the new life in the Risen Lord, for without suffering there is no resurrection. His invitation for each of us is to go beyond like Mary Magdalene, never to give up like the disciples of Emmaus, to listen, Experience, share, praise and express Faith in Solidarity with the community.


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