A step nearer to God in fidelity – Renewal


On 23rd May 2017, 13 vibrant junior Sisters renewed their vows to Lord at Mazzarello Convent Ranchi. The preparation began with eight days of retreat, with the theme: “To know Christ more intimately, to love more ardently and to follow more closely”. The day was kept aside for prayer and Eucharistic adoration. The holy Eucharistic celebration which was the climax of the day was presided over by Fr.Deepak Toppo S.J and the con-celebrant was Fr.Raja.

The reading of the day was based on the call of Abraham. During the homily Fr.Deepak exhorted that every life is a call. Few are chosen for a specific purpose that is to fulfil the mission of the Lord and others are for different professions. When the call of God is well lived with total fidelity and commitment then the religious life become more meaningful. The most awaited incredible day ended with felicitation and best wishes.

Sr.Pranati Manjari Sabhasundar



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