BIBLE CUM VOCATION CAMP at Auxilium Convent, Bamunmura – Barasat


Bible cum vocation camp was held at Auxilium Convent, Bamunmura – Barasat from 14th – 17th May 2017. It was organized by Sr. Leelamma P, Superior of Aspirantate and Sr.Esther Abraham. 37 students participated from Monsada, Gobra, Dum Dum and Auxilium  Barasat. From our school we were 12 students accompanied by Sr. Esther our principal.

Our first thought on seeing the center was of awe struck wonder. A big ground in front with mango trees bloomed, two small gardens in the entrance. The whole ambient made us feel relaxed and calm.

On entering we were welcomed by the Superior Sr.Leelamma, Sr.Alitrice, Sr.Delpina and 19 Aspirants. They greeted us, welcomed us with songs and made us feel special. We were taken to the chapel after the welcome, it was a very beautiful and peaceful place to be in. we prayed the rosary followed by adoration, it was animated by the Aspirants, it was a thanks giving prayer service as the 2 postulants were leaving next day to Novitiate at Ranchi. At 8.30 we had dinner and we had a lovely recreation. We all were divided into five groups of 7 members each. We played games like cock fight,wear the sandal and crowning the queen and many more. After all these lovely enjoyment we had a peaceful sleep.

On the second day at 6.30 a.m. we had holy Eucharist and had a lovely time with Jesus while meditating the Word of God. With refreshed mind and active body we started with Sr. Esther, she took morning session on the Call of the Prophets such as Abraham, who was notable for his faith and his obedience to God, Joseph one among the 12sons of Jacob, Moses the person whom God chose lead his people from Egypt, Good and Honest Man Job who suffers and still humbly acknowledges God as wise and great, The CALL of Jeremiah. Sr. Esther explained and brought out the uniqueness of each person’s call and helped us to understand that it is God who calls and sends for His mission. When we do God’s will than we can lead a successful life. She explained about the necessities of living good Christian life. She also filled us with the knowledge of Old Testament. After such an inspiring session we had lunch. All the five groups depicted the 5 prophets with lot of creativity through enactments and songs and it was tough for the jury to decide the best.  The session continued by personal reflection and ended with pertinent videos.  In the evening Class 12 students of  Auxilium Dum Dum  lead us into praise and worship.  After our dinner we all went to watch movie on St. Francis and St.Clare. We enjoyed the movie thoroughly and gained a lot of wisdom.

The Third day of the camp commenced with a Holy Eucharist Rev. Fr.Thomasin SJ. In his homily he said that Jesus wants all of us to live in peace. Peace is the serenity of the mind, the simplicity of the heart and the tranquility of the soul. We also meditated of the holy name of Jesus.

 Sr.Leelamma who taught us many things through her interactive sessions about the five most important women character in the New Testament. They are: Mary – the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene – a devoted follower of Jesus , the Samaritan women , the adulteress women, Mary and Martha. These were the five different characters of women from the New Testament who were depicted the different role of women of modern generation. Different nature and ability of women can be understood. Later different competitive group activities were performed they chose one woman character of the New Testament and enact accordingly their role and character.

We all prayed daily Rosary and followed praise and worship, class XI students conducted it very gracefully and each and every person present there felt a pray full atmosphere. Lastly a special dinner was arranged for us. It was an amazing and mesmerizing experience, having dinner in the midst of cold breeze, very delicious dinner was served on that day.


The camp came to an end with the distribution of prizes for different activities. A special vote of thanks was given to the organizers and the host house who took all the trouble to take care of us in spite of their busy schedule. This whole bible camp was organized by our beloved Principle Sr.Esther, so we thank her with our open hearts for helping us to take one more step forward towards Jesus Christ.

Anne Cynthia Gomes XI A

Preza S. Biswas  XII B



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