We take this opportunity to share all the rich experiences we had during the second phase of our second Novitiate at Sacred Heart Novitiate, Ranchi from 17th April to 15th May. We had remarkable experiences for a month which helped us to renew our commitment in giving ourselves totally to the Lord in the service of the young people.

“Remain in my love” Jn 15:9 was the invitation we received during this month of preparation, where we daily encountered the Lord through an hour of adoration, Eucharistic celebration, Lectio Divina, personal reflections and assimilation.

The classes were taken on different topics like Constitutions, Prayer-centered consecrated life, Salesian spirituality, Preventive System and Moral Theology. These input sessions helped us to prepare ourselves better to give a definitive “yes” to God.

We sincerely thank Sr. Rose Ezarath and Sr. Isabella Suja our provincials who arranged this precious time for our spiritual and religious formation.

We owe our gratitude to Sr. Philomena Prabalanathan, Sr. Rosalia Tirkey and Sr. Mukta Kerkata for accompanying us all through our spiritual journey with sisterly love, care, concern together with the community sisters.

Reported by

Sr. Eugenia Bareh (INS), Sr.Lourdu Prema Francis, Sr. Sandhya Sudha Minj and Sr. Alma Sosan Minj (INC)

Second Novitiate Sisters


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