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On the 11th and 12th May 2017 the Primary and High School of Auxilium School Dum Dum witnessed a spectacular performance by the green house their patron saint. The programme commenced with a prayer service invoking God’s choicest blessings on all   the sisters, teachers, and students especially those who are waiting for their board exam results. The life of Mary Mazzarello was highlighted in the form of a dance drama by classes IV and V that how Mary nurture the life of the young people through education, valuing the opportunity to be a loving caring and kind person. In the next day the High school students began the celebration by a luminous lamp – lighting ceremony. A unique power point presentation by class X drew a wonderful connection between the women of yesterday and the modern women in various aspects to highlight the influence of Mother Mazzarello and her heart touching contribution to the society. Then a classical and puppet dance replete with action based on the theme of a Mother was presented by class IX,X, & XI. The students also presented to Sr.Superior and Principal Saplings, representing   green house, as the color of life. A skit was followed then in the influence of motivation and guiding spirit of a mother on her daughter’s transformation into a successful business woman was elucidated with much expression. The scintillating programme ended with an event portraying the spirit of the Bengali ‘Bauls”   dance which conveyed the message of always following Mother Mazzarello’s footsteps which will lead us to eternal happiness and bliss.

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The third day (13th May) the culmination of the previous days’ celebrations and the novena preparations, honoring St.Mary Mazzarello arrived  at 11.00 a.m in the convent chapel when Rev. Fr. Nirmol Gomes SDB, the Salesian Provincial of Kolkata officiated the Holy Eucharist. This was a unique celebration since all the members of our family: SDB, FMA, SMI, VDB, Cooperators, ADMA, Past Pupils, Teachers, and the present pupils gathered around the Eucharistic table to offer the Mass of Thanksgiving which began with the presentation of a beautiful bouquet of roses to our dear Co-Founder.

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The school choir sang beautifully for the Mass probably making all the angels too to rush to our chapel to join us in this lovely angelic singing. It was indeed a Big family get together honoring their Mother and Co-Founder.

(Sr. Restitula Kharpran)

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