Rabindra Jayanti Celebration


On 9th May 2017, the students of Auxilium celebrated the birthday of one of the most famous and loved poets, Rabindranath Tagore. In honour of this auspicious event, the students of Class VIII B presented a short programme on this great personality, highlighting all that he loved and cared about. A few songs were sung on seasons, depicting his love for nature and dances were performed, projecting the theme of youthfulness, joy of music and being grateful to God. To shine light on Tagore, the programme concluded with the students reciting ‘Biggo’ a famous Bengali poem written by the poet himself.

The students of Class VI and VII participated in the Inter-House Rabindra Sangeet Competition held in Tagore’s honour. The participants of the competition sang mellifluous songs composed by Tagore, accompanied with cultural instruments like harmonium, violin etc.


Each of the houses presented a particular season, bringing its essence into the hall. The Red house represented the Rainy season, one could almost feel the drops of rain fall on the faces and the smell of sodden earth waft up to our noses. Then Blue house represented the season of spring, the feeling of fresh air could be felt on our faces and the smell of flowers over-powered the senses. The Green house presented the summer season, the warmth of the sun could be felt on our faces and one could almosthear the vibrancy of life. The programme ended with yellow house, on the theme autumn, where lost memories of warm nights awoke and a feeling of maturity and knowledge settled over us.


Sister Esther concluded, by saying the poem ‘Where the mind is without fear’, where she explained each and every word, inspiring us all. Over all, the programme was a successful one, having different emotions and feelings, even bitter-sweet ones as we bade Miss Ayesha good-bye.



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