No bond is forever. Similarly, no separation is without pain. This pain was experienced by every Auxilians on 19th May as we bid farewell to our dear Miss Ayesha from Auxilium.

The day started with a cultural programme for Rabindra Jayanti followed by the farewell programme. A feeling of nostalgia, love and a tinge of sadness had enveloped the school hall. The event started with a poem recited by the students of class XII C which spoke volumes of our affections towards Ms. Ayesha. A wonderful speech presented in a witty manner, spoke about how much of an impact Miss Ayesha has had upon the students heart, not just through teaching but also through her loving and kind nature.

This was followed by a series of retro Bollywood songs sung by a group of class XII. This surely seemed to gain the audience’s attention and brought broad smiles to everyone’s face. The audience began to clap and croon to the rhythm of the melodies. After the completion of this segment, traditional Rabindra Sangeet was sung by girls clad in yellow-red sarees from middle school. A classical dance followed the series of songs.


 Miss Ayesha was then called upon the stage to express her experiences and feelings. The hall resounded with loud applause as she spoke her parting words. She expressed her gratitude towards all her colleagues, students and sisters both past and present, who played a vital part in moulding her.Ms. Ayesha appreciated the programme and thanked the girls for their love and the effort expended on her behalf. She referred to all of her students as her ‘Heart-throb’ and gave them her words of wisdom. ‘Work harder than others, know more than others and expect less then others’ was the secret mantras for success she gave before leaving the stage.

Sr. Esther then appreciated Ms. Ayesha in a speech which she said was ‘from the depth of her heart’. She also thanked Ms. Ayesha for her 30 years of exemplary service to the institution and prayed for her good health and well-being in the future.She disclosed the fact that it was Ms. Ayesha birthday. Sister Esther handed Miss Ayesha a momento of our love in the form of a gift which was accompanied by thunderous applause and a birthday song. This marked the end of the farewell with best wishes for Ms. Ayesha.

Jaanvi Saraf

Rikita Halder

     X A


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