investure ceremony.JPG

On 25th April 2017, Auxilium – Dum Dum held the Investiture ceremony with pomp and grandeur. We were privileged to have Fr. Dr. M. Thamacin Arulappan as the chief guest for the programme.

The ceremony began with the traditional practice of lighting the lamps. A Bhajan was sung. Next we had a reading from the Holy Bible. It stated that a leader should not be dominating. The leader should be “sober’, ‘holy’, ‘just’ and ‘a lover of what is right’.


The School Captain and Vice-captain, the prefects, the Class Captains and the house captains received their badges from Sr. Superior, Sr. Principal, Sr. Vice-principal, High school coordinator Miss Sharmila & middle school coordinator Miss Sharbani.

This was followed by the flag-bearing ceremony. Rev. Father Arunlappan handed over the school flag and the house flags to the school captain and the respective house leaders. “May this flag be a symbol of your able leadership”, said Father.

“We have a vision for tomorrow – just believe, just believe… Count on us, ACS, to give our best and more. We can achieve, we can achieve”. The voices of the leaders were loud and clear as they pledged to enrich their Alma Mater. The ceremony came to an end with the chief guest speech. Father Arulappan shared with us his perspective of a leader – cheerful, pleasant, enthusiastic, charismatic, self-willed, always striving for higher goals, never rigid, pessimistic or complaining about circumstances. His speech stirred us to discover ‘the inner leader’ we all possess.



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