Easter Blessing & Supportive Staff Day


On 28th April 2017, the Auxilians from primary to high school were asked to dedicate a few precious moments to invoke Blessing from the Risen Lord. The entire school was present to participate in this special occasion.

The blessing began with a short prayer by Fr. Hermil followed by a prayer recited by our school vice-captain Sreeja Chakraborty.

The hymns were sung by Angelina Gomes and Jaqueline Corraya of Class XII asking the Almighty father to pour out his choicest blessings upon our whole Auxilian family.

Fr. Hermil and Brother entered each and every classroom with the holy water and blessed our school. Then our school captain Olivia Dessa conveyed the vote of thanks. We dedicated ourselves to be “GOOD CHILDREN OF GOD”.

worker's day

The same day we celebrated Labour’s Day with full aplomb. The function kicked off by Jessica Singh of Class XII A with a speech welcoming the workers and acknowledging their hard work. Prayer in Bengali recited by Neelashri Bhattacharjee of Class X marked the beginning of the programme followed by a Bhajan beautifully rendered by Anwesha Bagchi of Class XII C. Shristi Shukla and Shristi Chakraborty of Class X C put up a power point on labourers around the globe which was followed by a speech and a poem by Ashwini Singh of Class XI C. They highlighted the ceaseless efforts of the workers for the development of the nation and our school in particular. Prothoma and Shreya of class XI with their rhythmic steps magnificently showcased a dance for the didis, aunties and uncles. A melodious song was performed by Class X followed by the recitation by class VIII. Gift was presented to them. Prem Uncle gave short concluding speech. It was followed Sr. Principal’s inspirational and motivating speech. Jessica Singh gave vote of thanks to all the social service club mentors Ms. Ipsita, Ms. Ayesha, Ms. Sarjana, Ms. Sunita, Ms. Martina and Ms. Sudipta for their constant support and all the sisters, teachers and volunteers for their endeavor.

Jessica Singh

(Social Service Club President)


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