The “Life Skills Education” Training program


The “Life Skills Education” Training program was conducted by Development Office on 29 March for NCP & Evening Coaching children of Kolkata zone. It was very satisfying, that all the centres and communities collaborated generously and so we were able to reach out 300 children from various centres.

The Objective of the life skill session was to give awareness and empower children with knowledge and skills required to build their self-esteem, assertiveness and abilities for adoptive and positive behaviour that enables individual to deal effectively the demands and challenges of everyday life.

KSSDS Animators.jpg

The programme commenced with the hymn to Jesus. After which Sr. Juliana the Vicar of the house welcomed all the participants in the name of the Superior. She encouraged and appreciated the children for their willing participation. Before the session there was ice breaking game organised by Sr. Alma Bilung the coordinator.  Children loved the game and were invigorated. This was followed by the session.Sr. Alma together with Miss Purinima Naskar animated the programme. They presented the programme through visual to make the session more lively and interested.  Though the topic was new children were very cooperative and attentive, which was observed in their spontaneous response and group work. It is a great achievement that we were able to reach out to big number of children who were from periphery. We believe, they have learnt and achieved something. The programme ended with sumptuous lunch. Thanks and God’s Blessings to all who were part of this successful event.



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