Exciting experience

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12 of, NCC Cadets, of H.C.Auxilium Vasant Vihar got an opportunity to visit the Hindan Flying Station Ghaziabad on 3rd May 2017  for the flying lessons. It was a life changing experience for us to be in the Air Force Base. We were taken to the air traffic control tower where they explained to us how they manage the smooth take offs and landing of the aircrafts. Wing Commander Sameer Mehra introduced us to the various parts of the aircraft Zen Air 701, which was specially made for beginners like us. The highlight of the day was when each of us got a chance to fly an aircraft for 20 mins sitting in the cockpit while being assisted during take-off and landing. We forgot all the tiredness of getting up 4 in the morning with the picture-perfect view of Ghaziabad city from 1400 feet above the ground among the clouds. We also got a lifetime opportunity to see C-18 Hercules, which is one of the heaviest aircraft of Indian Air Force in Action right in front of us. Though we struggled to keep our feet on the ground, our spirits were in the air filled with joy at the sight of its take off. This experience in the Flying Station is something that will be cherished forever.

Annie Antony




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