World Gratitude Day celebration at Auxilium Kalyani


 The little Auxilians of Kalyani celebrated World gratitude day of our beloved Mother General, Mother Yvonne Reungoat in a simple yet profound way. They believed that the best gift given to her is our gift of prayer and trying to be good and obedient and to be of service to their needy friends which they showed in action this month of preparation of our dear Mother.


It was a joyful moment gathered around the portrait of our Mother General offering her our prayers and praying especially for the needs of our Institute, the young in our care and for all the students. Sr. Margaret Barla briefed the assembly about Mother General and the meaning of this feast celebrated Worldwide, after which was a brain storming as to who would then be able to say something on this special day. A show of enthusiastic hands soon came forward and expressed words of gratitude to Mother General. We made the day special too in the Prize Distribution for those who bagged off prizes in various competitions, both for the Bengali and English medium for the Scholastic year 2016-17. About 40 students received small gifts which made them proud and happy on this special day dedicated to our dear Mother General, concluding it with slogans: LONG LIVE OUR MOTHER GENERAL.



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