Workshop on “New Evaluation system of CBSE” held at Auxilium Convent School New Chumta


Auxilium Convent School New Chumta organized a three days workshop on “New Evaluation system of CBSE” in the auditorium of the school from 29 – 31 March 2017. The workshop brought together over 24 participants including 8 sisters. It was handled by the resource person Mr. Utkarsh Kapoor from CBSC Delhi.  There was an interactive atmosphere between the resource person and the participants.  The methodology of the seminar was followed on these points: Lecture cum discussion, demonstration using power point, role play and activity and group discussion cum debate.


The three days sessions were very interesting and totally focused on the following topics: (1) Learning, teaching and evaluating.  (2)  Erikson’s Psychological theory on different age group’s role play.   (3) The new evaluation system of CBCE, which is known as RAS [Remodelled Assessment systems]. There were examples like anecdotal record, Rubrics, Teacher’s diary, Lesson plan etc.


The feedback from evaluation forms was extremely positive. The presentation and the inputs given by resource person were highly valued. The participants said that “It was an enriching experience and it was a wonderful platform for them to know the new evaluation system in an opportune time.”  They appreciated for being able to clarify doubts from the expert.  The day ended with a group photo.

Reported by Ms. Namika Lama


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