Charismatic Retreat at Kurtumgarh Parish, Kandhamal


Kurtumgarh Parish, Kandhamal had for the first time  Charismatic Retreat  from 28 to 30 March 2017.  It was preached by the lay blind person Br. Kishore and his team from Kuarmunda, Odisha.  Nearly 300 faithful participated in the retreat with great faith.

During the talks they spoke about the power and importance of prayer individually and with other members, sin and its consequence, ten commandment, power of praying the rosary, the life of saints, abortion, alcoholism,  passion of Christ, beginning of Catholicism and other denominations and other religion.


All these sessions were made more effective through the audiovisual show. There was also healing session and many of them experienced the Lords healing touch.  Retreat helped the people to mend their lives and was an eye opener for most of them.

Fr. Jugal Kishore Digal the parish priest and Fr. Jasabanta Pradhan the assistant parish priest were always available to listen and to preside over the sacraments.  Together with the parishioners Sr. Annie Theyattil, Sr. Shanti Tirkey and Sr. Prisca Bara also attended the retreat and helped the parishioners to attend by their presence.



One thought on “Charismatic Retreat at Kurtumgarh Parish, Kandhamal

  1. I praise and thank the Lord for the good that is being done especially for the families and for the in your parish activities. Let all lbe filled with joy and peace of the Risen Lord. Congrats dear sisters.

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