Seminar on Spiritual Direction


Seminar on SD.jpg

“There is no part of your life that is irrelevant, Your whole life is your spiritual life; God is in every part of it”  was  totally affirmed in the seminar held at Kurseong from 17-19   March 2017 on spiritual direction conducted by Rev. Fr. Johny Nedungatt SDB .

Seminar was set on trail with the topic what it is and what is not spiritual direction.  He clearly explicated the difference between Counselling, formative intervention, talk with the superior and the spiritual direction. We realized that spiritual direction is God gifts one human being with the grace to assist another with greater cooperation with God’s own transforming activity within that other.


The further themes elucidated were practical aspects of spiritual direction, spirituality of the spiritual director, spiritual direction interview, discernment in spiritual direction, portrait of the spiritual director, Supervision, accompanying sexually wounded formees and transference and counter transference.  The sessions were very interesting, formative, enlightening and thought provoking  because of the experiential expertise  in the field by the resource person.  The practical examples given made the topic very clear and the participants were enthused and engaged all through. Every participant  is determined  and enthusiastic to utilize this marvellous tool to be  God’s instrument in assisting and guiding those entrusted to them in their journey towards God and  to make great efforts each day to grow in their  own intimacy with God as spiritual direction is rooted in the director’s own spirituality.



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