Community day celebration at Sacred Heart Novitiate


On 25th February 2017 was a special day for the Novitiate community of Ranchi, since we celebrated our community day. We had a month’s preparation with the theme “Celebrate communion of hearts by being merciful like the Father.” We had weekly practices divided into four weeks:  1) Consciously nourish oneself with the Eucharistic Jesus 2) Kind and lovable especially with whom I have difficulty 3) Gentle reminders and accepting corrections serenely 4) Happy and joyful by being forgiving.


Each day we prayed for a person related to our community. When sisters turn came, we shared our vocation story to enrich others. On 24th February we had our community outing to Bio – Diversity. It was a beautiful experience. In the evening we had our vigil service prepared and conducted by Sr. Mukta K. and Sr. Shashikanta Xalxo. It helped us to thank God for the gifts of many people we come across daily; and enjoy their help. After supper we had our cultural programme for which our Mazzarello community was invited. The Programme began with the festal song followed by a prayer dance by our house girls. Then “The Bishop’s Candle sticks” was presented by the novices and the sisters highlighting the act of mercy. The day ended with the Thanksgiving Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Fr. Nazarius Dung Dung SDB. The liturgy was well prepared by the novices which added joy and colour to the celebration .The celebrants words “It is each one of us who build our community” was an impetus to experience to experience community communion every day of our life.

Reported by

Binita Bara,  Salomi Bhuinya and Shashikiran Xalxo



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