“We are a family: every community is a school of life and love”. How wonderfully this was realized on 10th February 2017 at Kalyani, when our community of sisters, teachers and co workers set out on a happy picnic to the Sanghati Park and the Millennium Science Park at 9.a.m. in a Mini bus, accommodating 30 of us in all. Being just an hour of journey we reached the gate’s portals much ahead of time as they open only at 11 a.m. outingThis was providential. The enclosed space before entering the park was spacious enough to conduct our fun games, offering small prizes to the winners in which all participated. Soon after this it was great, anticipated joy and anxiety to explore this park, as the gates opened to give us a hearty welcome. Then commenced the ‘clicks’ all around this scenic park that grabbed our attention at every nook and corner! The fountain, rare beauty of flowers, the rope way, the little hillocks, small rocks to perch ourselves on, the joy of the boat ride, the historical monuments and the entire Science Park was a real, pleasant and welcome sight. We shared our fraternal meal together and then proceeded to the Millennium Park, which brought greater joy than ever to all. The “child” in us surfaced when we ran to slides, merry-go-rounds and swings!!” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a commonly heard of adage. Well ,this could as well be applied to us. “All work and no outing make our community a dull one”. So we had a happy picnic at the Sanghati Park and the Millennium Science Park. On our return we thanked the Almighty God for His benevolence and protection over us and invoked His blessings always to keep us as one, united family strong in the bonds of life and love.



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