‘A pleasant morning of 3rd February 2017 was buzzing with energy as the students of classes 9th-11th, of  H.C.Auxilium Vasant Vihar, headed to the Adventure Island, Rohini, to indulge in adventure sports. They were accompanied by Sr. Celine A., Sr. Jenita Mary and the teachers . On arrival, the students were fascinated by the picturesque environment. From the mini Eiffel Tower to the giant aeroplane, Adventure Island welcomed the enthusiastic children with a pleasing ambiance. They were first directed to the “MAD Show” where the acrobats and the beat-boxer entertained the kids and the magician created an awestruck illusion all over the room. After the magic show, the children were left free to the vast island where they had the opportunity to experience the fun of unlimited rides. All rides had their own rules and regulations for safety purposes. The children enjoyed going through various rides, like, Cyclone, Bumper cars, Fire brigade, Z-Force and the 360 degree Flip out. They were also served with sumptuous meals which included Indian breads, rice and red-bean curry. Though, the Adventure Island was quite adventurous, it was also safe and everyone, including the adults, enjoyed the whole some experience.

By Meenakshi Nair

Class X


On a chilly morning on the 3rd of February excited students of class VI to VIII went to Kidzania which is located in Noida. Students arrived at the destination at around 10am .Upon entering, they were given a kind of a wrist band which had to be scanned after completing an activity. The children were also given some kidzoos, the currency of Kidzania. There were various shops and stores available which was quite surprising. A flight of stairs led to the first floor which had doors to various amusing activities like animation, music, culinary skills, making domino’s pizza, dance floor and many more. The ground floor had a departmental store, driving school, gas station and many more activities. Some activities were like jobs which played kidzoos after 25-30minutes of working. Later, the students were called for lunch. They were provided with rajma, rice, gulab jamun and a pack of  juice. After the lunch, they roam around the streets of Kidzania, passing through to the lamp-posts and enjoying the place. Adjacent to the Yes bank was a theatre where the girls who went to the dance academy and the fashion academy showcased what they had learnt. From Fashion show to a dance performance the audience enjoyed. There were so many activities that one could possibly not do all of it within the limited time they had. With no regrets, left the place at around 03:10 pm. Some of the people were still full of excitement when we left the place which made the bus feel like a Karaoke. It was such an honour to have been on such a mind blowing trip.



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