Don  Bosco and  Laura Vicuna is honoured  by the oratorians

Feast of Laura Vicuna.JPG

On 5th February 2017 was a very important day for our 111 Oratorians. THe three Oratories i.e. House oratory, Sahera Oratory and Banglatoli oratory, came together to celebrate the feast of St.John Bosco and Bl. Laura Vicuna. The programme commenced with a prayer service , sang a hymn to Don Bosco & enacted a skit on Laura Vicuna.

Feast of Don Bosco.JPG

Sr. Rosalia Tirkey  exhorted the oratorians  to live a virtuous life  by performing acts of kindness. After the short programme  various games were  conducted by the novices and the sisters for the oratorians. The prizes were  given away by Sr. Philomena Prabalanathan and also all received tasty snack packets. Before leaving we prayed to Mother Mary and all went home happily to be little  Laura’s and Johnny Bosco’s of today.

Novices Sr. Binita Bara and   Sr. Salomi Bhuinya



One thought on “Don  Bosco and  Laura Vicuna is honoured  by the oratorians

  1. Hi sisters looking at the children, I had such a Nostalgia for Sacred Heart Novitiate I spent less than a year there but I enjoyed being with the Novices and the Sunday Oratory to Sahera Village. Jai Jisu to all. Long Live Don Bosco and Laura Vicuna. How fortunate are you to have the poor with you. God Bless.

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