World Peace day celebration at Kalyani


Sr. Geraldine at the Morning Assembly organized a Prayer moment on the occasion of the World Peace Day. Briefed the students and teachers on the significance of this day, which was also the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi- the Father of the nation.peace-day

She said “Peace’ is the dire need of the hour and elicited from the students where true peace comes from? It truly comes from sincere love, justice, forgiveness, brotherhood/sisterhood, and unselfishness. She quoted St. Mother Teresa of Kolkata with her various sayings on peace : “Works of love are works of peace; “Peace begins with a smile”; “Spread peace everywhere”; Peace comes in giving, giving till it hurts”. Sr. Geraldine also exhorted each one to try being an instrument of peace with the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi:”Make me a channel of your peace”. As the sisters and teachers intoned this soon after it was prayed. This was followed by a sign of peace by the teachers and among the students with the words” Peace or Shanty”. A 2 minute silence was observed praying for all our suffering brethren and for our nation.  A portrait of St. Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi was exhibited to remind us of these two great personalities of peace. “We have been created for greater things, to love and to be loved.  (St. Mother Teresa of Kolkata)


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