Solidarity week Celebration  at Auxilium Barasat


On the 14th January 2017, the girls of Cl. IXA, B& C of Auxilium Convent School, Barasat visited St.Ann’s Home for the Aged for the Solidarity week Celebration, which the social service club had worked so hard for.The teachers in-charge were Ms.Karatoa, Ms. Soma, Sr.Sudip, Ms.Jayanti Nag and Ms.Anjali.The girls set off for this short trip at 8:30 am, after the morning assembly. Upon reaching there, the students were welcomed by the grannies and granapas with their warm smiles. The students divided into groups and went to each and every room in the main building and spent time with the elderly people, singing songs they liked, dancing, talking and everything possible to keep them happy and joyful. They also gave beautiful showls to each of them and bade farewell, promising to come again. Then girls went over to the other section of the institution, which was reserved for the aged persons who were terminally ill. There performed a short programme consisting of a prayer, a couple of group songs, a stand-up comedy shows a recitation by Anuripa, and solo singing performance by Sreetama and lastly a Dance. The students before leaving took lot of photos and hugging them for a last time before departing. The students returned to school at about 11 am bringing of a new bond and a memory that would forever be engraved in their heart, mind and soul.

 Maitryee Roy

  IX C


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