FEAST OF BLESSED LAURA VICUNA celebrated at H.C. Auxilium Vasant Vihar

Laura Vicuna.jpg

“In her fragile adolescent body she hid the greatness of giants and proved that womanhood is not a quality to be seen through the window but a virtue to be proclaimed.”

On 20th January 2017, Vicuna house members celebrated the feast of their patron, Blessed Laura Vicuna. The programme commenced with a speech by the Vicuna House Vice Captain, telling us about the various sacrifices made by Laura Vicuna during her life.

A prayer service was offered to invoke the blessings of the Lord Almighty through the intercession of Bl. Laura Vicuna, the patron of the abused victims. This was followed by a power point presentation portraying the idyllic values of Laura Vicuna. A play depicting the exemplary life of Laura Vicuna, who with her imperturbable spirit gave up her life for her mother, was performed.

A soulful and melodious song, ‘Lord I offer my life to you’, was sung by the Vicuna House members. Superior Sr. Maria P. Inspired the gathering with her beautiful words of wisdom.


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