Farewell at H.C. Auxilium Vasant Vihar

The farewell of Class XII students was organized by the management, staff and students of H.C. Auxilium Vasant Vihar  on Tuesday, 24 January 2017, in the school auditorium. It was a day that encompassed feelings of nostalgia and enthusiasm, the day when the entire school bearing heaviness in their hearts bid the final goodbye to the outgoing students of Class XII and the day when this group of young girls set out of their alma mater into the new world outside.


The program commenced with the head girl Deepi Garg’s meticulously prepared address to the gathering which was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the Superior Sr. Maria P., Sr. Celine Alexander, Sr. Kanchan, representatives of class XII students and the former Head Girl of the school, Merilyn Thomas.

            After invoking God’s blessings for the welfare and luck of the outgoing students through a prayer service and prayer song, various students of Std. XI clad in Punjabi attire performed a zealous dance and were applauded by the audience. The hosts of the day then conducted a game for the guests of the show. The follow up to this was a melodious and serene duet performed by Aarciah Thouman and Feba Bovas, which brought tears into the eyes of all the departing students. Representatives from each section shared their views and experiences of their life in school with all present.           Sr. Maria P. gave away the trophies to the outgoing Cabinet Members in appreciation of their dedication towards their duties, and blessed all the students for their future endeavours. Sr. Celine Alexander, then announced the formal release of the School Magazine, Sr. Maria P. and the Auxilian released the Magazine amidst cheers from the audience present and handed over the first copy to the editor Ms Rita Bakshi. The farewell programme concluded with dance followed by lunch.




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