Career Guidance Seminar held at Auxilium Convent School New Chumta


A career guidance seminar was held at Auxilium Convent School, New Chumta on 13th January 2017. Principal Sr. Innocencia Jojo introduced the theme and the facilitator of the day Mr. Utkarsh Kapoor to the students. Mr.Utkarsh Kapoor opened the session with his own life experience and  explained that the lack of proper career guidance could lead to confusion of professions. The specific objectives of the seminar were:

  • To facilitate student’s potentials to equip them with functional knowledge, values and attitudes, desirable habits and skills needed by them to cope up with the changes in their environment.
  • To help the students in coming up with personal calling goals.
  • To enlighten students on various career opportunities.
  • To assist students in discovering their strengths.

The facilitator made his presentation on various areas of occupation by using visual aids with inspiring   examples.  He suggested the following top ten areas where students can go for career development  such as Gynecology, Fashion Technology, Banking, IAS [Indian Administrative services], Cardiology, Neurology ,II M [Indian Institutes of Management], UPSC (Union public services commission),Market research Analyst


Career development is a gradual process. It needs planning, time, effort and perseverance.  But the concept of career development begins with self development. If a person cannot develop oneself, there is no question of his\her career developing at a desired velocity. Thus, as counselors are continue to expose different career paths, but the final choice is made by a certain person who aspires to reach his\her destination of life. Finally, the vote of thanks was extended to the facilitator by Elina Minj of Class X, the school captain.


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