Silver Jubilee and Annual Day Celebration at Auxilium Convent School Barasat

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On 20th December 2016, Auxilium Convent School, Barasat, celebrated their much-awaited Parents Day celebration for the Primary sections, after almost one month of preparations and hard work. The chief guest for that day was Shri Ratin Ghosh, the honorable Chairman of Madhyamgram Municipality and Mr. Sunil Mukherjee, Chairman, Barasat Municipality.

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The first went was the ‘Giubileo Fiesta’. With the school decorated in brilliant colours and the dancers in the glittering costumes it was truly a sight to behold. The dance was followed by a warm welcome speech by Sister Principal, Sr. Clara Saminathan and a cheerful welcome song by the junior students. The nest Programme was the play by the nursery and K.G students titled ‘Red Riding Hood’ and the dance by class I kids on the hit pop song ‘Bailando’ came after. The true majesty of our school was revealed in the evening when the sun had hit and the lights that had been hung all around the school was lighted. The school was bathed in the bluish and whitish glow and the trees in gold and red. It was a marvelous view.

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The following programmes were the Musical Amalgam, the musical fusion of Hindi and English songs by High school students and the dance performance by the class II students on the popular number, ‘Into the Paradise’. Then came the programme that everyone had been most eager to watch. The musical play the High school students titled ‘Benediction of the Ignoble”. The play went without a hitch and the dance portions left the audience stunned with their gracefulness. They were also awestruck by the excellent performances by the actors. The play came to an end with a huge round of applause. This was followed by the class III dance performance called ‘Timber by Chikaz kids’. The last event of the day was the Christmas play called ‘Christ is Born’ by the students of classes Iv and V. The celebration came to an end with the Vote of Thanks by Sister Superior, Sr. Stella at about in the evening, but this was just the first day and the next day had many more surprise waiting to be revealed.

Auxilium Barasat jubilee.jpg


On the 20th and 21st December, 2016 the students of Auxilium Convent school, Barasat had the gala celebrations of the Silver Jubilee of the school and the Annual day. The chief guests for the day were the Honorable Minister, Mr.Partha Chattopadhyay, the Education Minister, Ms.Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar Member of Parliament and Mr.Chiranjit  Chakraborty MLA and Provincial Sr. Rose Ezarath. The event took place in the grounds and began at 3:00 pm The first event was ‘Giubileo  Fiesta”  by the students of high school. Then the parents and the Chief Guest were cordially welcomed through the welcome speech delivered by Sr. Principal.



We had a dance drama titled “Ritu Ranga” by the middle school students. It highlighted the exuberant, colorful and vibrant hues of the seasons of Bengal dexterously. This was followed by a foot tapping dance by the class II students titled “Into Paradise”. The next event was a mellifluous Jubilee song titled “Canzone D’ Argento” sung by the High school students. It brought out the spirit of the students of our school.

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Next was the Musical Aamalgam performed by high school students, a musical play which focused on man’s redemption and struggle against evil’s iron grip, titled Benediction of “The Ignoble” by the high school students of class IV and V. This was followed by the Vote of Thanks delivered by Sr. Superior. The months of hard work put in by the staff and the students of the school truly bore fruit.

Auxilium Barasat jubilee....jpg

Reported by Bipasha Bhowmick  and  Maitreyee Roy




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