Education Seminar  held at Auxilium Bandel

Seminar fma.JPG

On 5 and 6 January 2017, a seminar on Education Policy, Child protection Policy and the current issues of Education was organized by the Province for the 56 sisters of the province at Auxilium Convent, Bandel. The resource person was Fr. Sunny Jacob SJ, the Secretary, (JEASA) Jesuit Educational Society of South Asia. Sr. Stella Potteparambil introduced the resource person briefly, highlighting his role as a great educator and competent person in the field of Education Policy.

On the first day he dwelt with the current challenges such as Demonetization, Religious Intolerance, Education Policy, Corruption, Minority Rights, Corporatization, Communalization and Centralization etc.  He explained clearly the general background of Educational Policy and its evolution down the decades. To withstand today’s challenges Christians have three great powers to use – The Gospel power, Institutional Power and Ecumenical Power. He urged everyone to stand united to forge ahead to build a better and just society.

On the second day Fr. Sunny explained in greater length the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act 2012. He also brought out differed types of Child Abuses with many examples. This created more awareness to the participants on how to deal with the students of our school. He exhorted us to keep good rapport with the students and managing committee. At the end he explained to how to cope up with our Teaching Profession to meet modern challenges.  The meeting concluded with words of gratitude expressed by Sr. Aruna Kispotta and Sr. Kanchan Bara to Fr. Sunny.  All the participants were contented and enriched by the seminar.

Seminar fma...JPG



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