Christmas celebration at Auxilium, Najafgarh

The innocent hearts were filled with happiness and cheer when getting ready for the Christmas celebration on 21st December before they would start with their winter vacation. The little hearts were bubbling with joy and they did get the true meaning of Christmas as they enacted the Christmas scene.


The three kings gazing at the sky   seem to have seen the star leading them. When they reached Bethlehem Mary was delighted to see how her son was welcomed by the poor and the rich and how they recognized the dwelling of God with men and Seeing Him as the rising Day Star, shining sun of Justice. With such delight children sang ‘Come, come, come to the manger, Children come to the children’s King. Sing, sing chorus of angels, stars of morning, o’er Bethlehem sing’. What more! With the jingle bells and Santa’s and his children’s arrival all were on their dancing feet.  ehi , ehi, they look forward to another Christmas day not so soon, they have to have  an year of longing They sang “We wish you a   Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. With the distribution of little gifts and still with songs on their lips, happily they sat on their vehicles like Santa Claus on his sledge and went home to tell the good tidings.



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