Visit to BITM by the  students of Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum


On the 26th November, 2016 the students of Class VIII of Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum were privileged to visit the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum as an educational trip. Early morning at 8:00 on Saturday the students of class VIII assembled near the stage as Principal Sr. Esther gave us instructions before our departure. We prayed and boarded the buses allotted for the respective classes. It was a fun ride to the Birla Museum through the lanes and sprawling roads of Kolkata. Finally, we arrived at our destination. It was a large building, surrounded by greenery and on the concrete banner to the entrance of the large compound were the words, “Birla Industries and Technological Museum”. fb_img_1480605600606

Excited we got down from our buses and headed to the building in a queue. We reached the first floor and all of us were amazed to see the various scientific exhibits like- the obedient ball, the frozen shadow, amazing mirror etc. next we went to the other section of the building to see the exhibits on electricity and were guided to a hall where we saw a 3D show, “The Lost World” followed by different exhibits on biotechnology, Mathematics, etc. We were then guided by the authorities to an auditorium to witness a science show. The show was the best part of the excursion. The experiments which were performed were really a feast for the eyes. It was presented in two halves- first the’ Fire-y Tale’ show which included experiments like the dancing flames, fire in water etc. the second half ‘The Bubble Show’ was performed after a break which seemed like a picnic as we feasted on the dishes brought by us. ‘The Bubble Show’ was really a learning experience where the performer showed us the largest bubble and today it is in the Guinness World Record. After the show, we were really awestruck. We went to the coal mine replica which gave us the feeling of real coal mine workers at work, the sound of machines and it enthralled us. The trip will always be in our memory as the excursion not only provided us enjoyment but also vast expanses of Knowledge as we were introduced to some of the deepest parts of technology through the experiments and exhibits displayed there. We will always cherish the memory of this visit.


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