The Annual Spiritual Renewal – Holy Child Auxilium School, Vasant Vihar


In order to celebrate and conclude the year of Mercy in a worthy manner, a Retreat cum Seminar for Catholic/Christian parents and teachers of classes Nursery to XII was organised in Holy Child Auxilium School, Vasant Vihar on 19th November 2016 from 8. 00 am to 3.30 pm. Rev. Fr. Johnson Pallatti C and his team animated and conducted the sessions in Hindi and English on the theme of conversion and family- the most beautiful, the most basic, the most important centre of Love, its visible threats, responsibilities and the importance of maintaining the family spirit, mutual love, unity etc. Around 600 teachers and parents attended it.

Preaching the Word of God was done by referring to suitable Bible quotations and various other sources such as supportive movie chippings and self composed songs about family, that were displayed through power point presentation simultaneously, along with an alternate incorporation of devotional action songs of praises and prayers.  These activities not only attracted the attention but also undoubtedly made the participants experience the miraculous ways of intervention of the Almighty.

Some of the important points presented include:

In a family, the husband, wife and children are bound in the bond of pure, self-sacrificing and self-giving love which makes life meaningful and sacred. Love between the couples is the strength and inspiration of the family, making the foundation of an ideal family. Lack of love between the couples has direct and lasting impact on the children. Every child is in need of proper parenting and parent’s love. Selfless love and fulfilment of the responsibilities is the foundation of the family unit that has to be extended to the moral education and spiritual formation of the children. Parents need to accept the children as a gift of God and take care of them in such a way that they become worthy gift to God. Parents must create a home where tenderness, love, forgiveness, respect and selfless service dominate. Home should be a place for the formation of faith and education of virtues and values.

The programme ended with the Adoration of the Holy Eucharist during which powerful prayers were recited by Father and all those who participated with zeal and enthusiasm received blessings from the Lord. May we be enabled to share this joy and insight by being merciful to others in words and deeds.

H.C.Vasant Vihar




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