Annual Exhibition at Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum


On 18th and 19th November 2016, an army in blue and white, ranging from tiny tots to teenagers took visitors on a wild roller coaster ride down the memory lane, within the premises of Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum. Displaying their innovative powers, practical skills and vast stretches of imagination in the Annual Exhibition 2016, characterized by bursts of colours, a riot of creativity and a flurry of excitement, Auxilians enthralled one and all, casting a bewitching spell on the visitors who touched the classrooms in a hypnotic trance of awe and wonderment.


The Child Artist Anwesha Maity of KG drew hoards of visitors as she displayed her paintings along with the Art and Craft and Value Education exhibits. In other places, lesser gifted mortals drew hearty praise from one and all, with their painstaking efforts and careful presentations in every subject. For those who had their facts lying in some dusty recess of their mind and their equations and formulae in tangles, the follow up on history was a magical and enlivening trip right from the Egyptian and Indus Civilization. High school science was served on a freshly whipped up platter which flattered all the five senses. Numerous olfactory treats were prepared to tickle memories of days spent in the chemistry lab and the shape of the heart was reaffirmed and firmly established in the mind’s eye in its true form. Much detested mathematics was turned into a fun subject with games, riddles and mental Math’s quizzes with prizes for the winners. Old time classics and poetry of the bygone era was the flavor of the exhibition, proving that ‘a thing of  beauty is a joy forever’.


Smart city models were the star attractions in the Economics Exhibition room. Diligently researched and prepared students proved that Auxilians were ready for the future. Each subject’s exhibits were in fierce competitions with each other. After Mother Provincial inaugurated the Annual Exhibition on the 18th  the Teachers from Don Bosco Liluah, Auxilium Barasat, St. Mary’s Orphanage School, Dum Dum and former teachers of Auxilium Dum Dum were invited to judge the Exhibition.


The Auxi Exhibition proved that when hard work meets opportunity, it results in massive success. The school motto of VIRTUE and KNOWLEDGE was amply in evidence as each student especially the tiny tots (Nursery) took on each visitor with unwavering patience, sweetly entertaining their questions and making precise and clear explanations, in spite of the long hours.Visitors commented, the exhibition made them nostalgic filled the floodgates of childhood memories with fun and frolic, interspersed with burdensome facts, formulae and flowcharts. It was a brilliant exhibition indeed.

Anwesha Dutta XII A.



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