Inauguration of the 140th year of the first missionary Expedition at Sacred Heart Novitiate


On 14 November  2016, the Novitiate community inaugurated the 140th anniversary of the first missionary expedition of the Institute. The novices under the guidance of Sr. Mukta Kerketta  animated the morning prayer and  officially inaugurated this important event.


The Novitiate community resolved to live the Spirit of Mornese  as each member placed the placard of Whole hearted Obedience, Simplicity, exact observance of the Rule, admirable recollection and silence, Spirit of prayer and mortification, purity and innocence, fraternal love in word and deed, holy joy and cheerfulness. The celebration gave a great impetus to return to the source, to the origins so as to drink deeply from the delights of the holiness of our founders Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello in order to keep alive the Spirit of Mornese where ever we are reaching out to the poor and the marginalized.


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