CHILDREN’S DAY celebration at ACS Barasat

spiritual retreat.jpg

On the bright sunny morning of 14th November, the students of ACS Barasat celebrated the most anticipated event of the year, Children’s Day. The students took a break from the monotone of the school uniform and turned up in their colourful best. After the assembly at 8.00 am the students were given time to enjoy themselves in the school grounds. At 10:00 am. the students assembled in the auditorium for the much awaited programme organised and performed by our beloved teachers. The event began with a short prayer service asking God’s blessing for the deprived and the less fortunate children of society and a prayer. This was followed by a hilarious and insightful play on the importance of water. A couple of immensely beautiful dances followed suit. Then the school captains were asked to express their thoughts on this gala programme. Then Sr. Superior enlightened us with her golden words. This day, makes us feel privilege to be in the most sweet and cherished part of our lives, our childhood.

Bipasha Bhowmick



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