Penitential  Service  held at Auxilium- Kalyani


Forgiveness is the best form of LOVE. It takes a strong person to say I’m sorry and even stronger person to FORGIVE.   At 11 a.m. the community of sisters, staff and senior hostel students took part in a Penitential Service. The altar was adorned with decorated lamps and a huge central light representing Christ the Light. After a brief introduction, all approached the altar and lit our lamps simultaneously from the central one imploring God to dispel all darkness of unforgiveness, grudge, indifference, coldness, anger or spite but rather to give each of us a contrite heart and a humble spirit. The Scripture passage of the Unforgiving Servant: Mt. 18: 21-35 was read reflectively and shared. Hymns like “Mercy Lord for we have sinned” and “Make me  a channel of your peace” were intoned at intervals.


A very touching moment was when all arose and went out to ask pardon and forgiveness from each other through any gesture they felt comfortable with. Here “Grace” worked and God touched us!  Most of us were in tears. No doubt then at the end was a celebration – celebrating God’s Mercy for each one of us and others too. We returned to the Father like the Prodigal’s Son. We left rejoicing with peace in our hearts. We could not possibly have a banquet served as at the palace of the Father’s House but good enough some light snacks and tea to conclude this beautiful moment. Praise the Lord for His mercy endures forever !


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