Guest Lecture by Fr.Alfred Paul for Phase 5 Students – DB Tech at Auxilium Barasat


 Fr.Alfred Paul, Director of Don Bosco Ashalayam conducted a session on18 October 2016 for the DBTech students of Barasat as a Guest Lecturer. He  was welcomed with a loud applause. Sr. Sherley introduced Fr.Paul to all present.

Fr. Paul started the session with a Prayer song projected on the screen. Taking a thought from the prayer song he said, “No matter who does it, how he does it, from where he does it, if we pray from the bottom of our heart our prayers will definitely be heard”.  He spoke to the students about Don Bosco Ashalayam. He and his team go around the slums especially the railway stations and bring to the centre the children, counsel them and give them different trainings so that they can equip themselves technically and go out to work and earn a good living. He gave examples of some of his students who are very well established and are doing well in life. The children that are brought to Ashalayam are first counselled and then given education/training according to their ability.  Some are given trades like, carpentry, tailoring, skill development training etc. so that they can earn a good living and be self-sufficient. He then interacted with the students and answered their queries. At the end of his session he suggested that the students try to follow good things and avoid wrong things because they are the pillars of the nation, they are the Nation Builders. The session ended singing together the song “We shall overcome”. Mr. Nilanjan thanked Fr. Paul on behalf of DBTech for inspiring the students.


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